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Bree's minister greets her at the door of the following Sunday's service, and asks about Lynette. Apparently he thinks she's kind of awesome, and is grateful to Bree for bringing her along. "Church is for questions, not answers," he says, which is totally pat and thus a perfect line for this show. Seeing a possible suck-up opportunity going down the drain, Bree quickly regrets letting Lynette go to the Catholic Church across the street and dashes back there as soon as she and Orson are past the reverend. She perches in the pew behind the Scavos and tries in that desperately-cheery way she has to talk them into going back across the street to her church. Bree asks for a minute with Lynette, and outside, she comes clean with her about why she wants to Lynette to come back. Lynette's not interested; she's too hurt, not to mention let down by Bree's vaunted "faith" turning out to be a sham. She leaves Bree standing there, with a pissed-off friend and questions about her own faith and absolutely no shot at getting to chair the Ladies Auxiliary.

And that's why Bree then ends up over at Lynette's house at some unspecified later date, telling her she backed out of the running for the Ladies Auxiliary gig and apologizing for letting Lynette down. They quickly make up, Bree saying she wants Lynette to have faith in their friendship. Lynette says, "There are some things that are easy to believe in." Sucker. Bree says she can come back to her church any time, but Lynette says the Catholics are the only ones who don't judge her for having so many kids. My 47 siblings and I laugh knowingly.

Despite the earlier blow-up, Tim is still apparently staying with Susan, who comes up to him in the kitchen to talk to him about it, now that she's calmed down. Tim insists it only happened once back in the day, but he did try to go back once. Cue the flashback, with the ominous music telegraphing the fact that Tim's about to provide us with a valuable new clue regarding The Mystery Of Katherine. We see little Timmy bringing flowers to the Mayfair house on the last night of his visit, hearing yelling, and peeking in the living room window as younger Katherine brained her husband with a candlestick, just like in the flashback at the beginning of the episode. Tim didn't know who the guy was, although he suspected it was Katherine's ex-husband. Susan realizes that she hasn't seen said ex-husband for quite some time. Ooh, suspicious. I think you're onto something there, Susan, with the long absence of Katherine's ex. Oh, by the way, how's Karl?

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