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Dylan sits next to Adam on his hotel bed, apparently having not gotten much out of Adam other than his patently false theory Aunt Lily was losing it when she wrote that note. She desperately wants the truth from Adam. So Adam repeats the lie: Katherine didn't kill her father, and loves Dylan more than anything. Okay, so I'm actually not sure that's all a lie; just the second half. They hug. Aww.

Let's let Mary Alice close this one out with a soliloquy on faith (as though we have another option). She uses the concept to tie together Adam and Dylan (the latter choosing to believe what the former is telling her), Gabby and Carlos (as he lies in bed wondering if he can count on the promises made by the woman he lied to), Lynette and Bree (as they have their own little Bible-study session on the porch), and Susan -- who, dropping her trash into a tin garbage can by the curb, spots Katherine across the street doing the same. They share a friendly wave as Mary Alice concludes, "Where there is doubt, our faith begins to vanish, and fear rushes in to take its place." Well, some people might fear that the strike might have forced a rushed conclusion to this season, but I have faith that that will turn out to be a good thing.

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Desperate Housewives




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