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Sunday In The Park With George

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Sunday In The Park With George

Rex is doing a crossword puzzle and Bree is knitting booties for Gabby's baby. She's selected green yarn because she doesn't know what kind of baby it is yet, much as she selected green when she couldn't decide what color to wear to visit Andrew at reprogramming camp. Rex gives a very non-interested response to Bree's yarn talk, and she asks him what's wrong. Rex: "I'm sorry, I'm just worried about the test results. If I don't find out what's wrong with me soon, I'm going to lose my mind." Rex guesses Bree must get tired of him complaining. To the contrary, Bree thinks maybe they don't talk enough. She thinks they should start doing things together again, as a couple. As soon as Rex is well enough, Bree thinks they should go on vacation. Throughout all this Bree-thinking, Rex is "uh-hm"ing distractedly and keeping his focus beamed onto his puzzle. Bree: "Remember our trip to Italy?" Rex: "Yeah, sort of." Bree: "'Sort of'? You don't remember the glorious food and the gorgeous scenery?" Rex: "What I remember is sweating like a pig and wishing we hadn't spent all our savings." Rex laughs, but still doesn't look up, thereby missing the completely shattered look melt over Bree's face. And it's a lot to miss.

Susan's car. Kendra is coming clean with the dirt: Mike wasn't a drug dealer, Deirdre was. Yes, Mike had been a heroin user, but he'd kicked the habit. Unfortunately, Deirdre never could give it up, and one day an undercover cop caught her using and forced her to sex him, again and again, as a thank-you for not sending her (back to) to jail. Mike found out about the arrangement, busted in on them, the cop pulled a gun, they both went over a balcony, and Mike was the only one who got up. As this story unfolds, Susan's face gets sadder and sadder. "I knew he was good," she cries, "I just knew it. Thank you!" Notice how Susan never asks Kendra what happened to her sister or anything. Just the (Susan-related) facts, please!

MAVO: "The vow is simple, really. Those who take it promise to stay together for better or for worse." Sophie gets her bigger, stronger, faster ring, "richer of for poorer," and Morty gets the whopping bill. "In sickness and in health," Rex gets examined at the doctor's office while a very sad Bree pats his arm. "To honor and to cherish," a very sexy, morning-after-haired Lynette kisses Tom as he leaves for work. "Forsaking all others," Gabby and Carlos embrace as Gardener John rides his mower in the background. "Until death do us part," CreePaul gazes at his wedding photo with MA and then puts it into his suitcase. "Yes, the vow is simple. Finding someone worthy of such a promise is the hard part." Susan races over to Mike's house and starts frenching him. "But if we can, that's when we begin to live happily...ever...after."

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