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Sunday In The Park With George

Hm. I think I might be on Lynette's side on this one: for better or worse, richer or poorer, sexy silkies or baby stink -- if you simply cannot round the bases with the stench of vomit in your nose, Tom, then why not suggest some fun together time in the shower? Versus, say, launching into the "sometimes men like sexy things" lecture? Then again, I think we all appreciate it when our sexnificant others, you know, use soap, especially when they schedule the sexy time eight hours in advance. Whatever. Tom, Lynette? You both deserve no sex tonight.

CreePaul and Shaft are sitting in an automobile. CreePaul can't believe that Susan Mayer hired a private dick to snoop into his totally not suspicious past! What should CreePaul do? "Run," Shaft advises. "Pack up your kid and get out of town." Unfortunately Zana doesn't want to move out of stalking-range of Julie, and he can be pretty stubborn. Shaft volunteers to throw Susan off the scent by telling her whatever it is CreePaul wants her to believe. Why is Shaft so willing to help CreePaul out, I wonder? Is it because he feels he owes him one, after mis-fingering MA's blackmailer?

Cut to Shaft sitting in Susan's burned (yet oddly tidy) kitchen. He's reading to her from the contents of a manila folder with "Paul Young" hand-written on the front in awesome, fourth-grader lettering. According to the contents of this incredibly official-looking file, Angela changed her name to Mary Alice when she was a teenager. The reason for the name change, as cited on the application? She had stopped speaking to the relative she was named after -- just like Paul said! Do you really have to list a reason when you change your name? Like, "I hereby change my name to 'M'ocean' because it more adequately captures the movement of my soul"? It turns out that Shaft also managed to manufacture the record of a baby girl named Dana who died in "some kind of fall." How could Susan have been so wrong? More importantly, how could Susan believe this sham of a shylock with his shifty, "five minutes at Kinko's" folder of lies? Susan did you hear that they took "gullible" out of the dictionary? Also your refrigerator's running. AND your epidermis is showing! Susan goes to get her checkbook to pay Shaft for a job well done, and as she grabs her purse, she happens to glance out the window and notice Mike's house. Now what is that doing there? "Actually before you go, I need you to check into someone else's background," Susan says to Shaft. "There's this plumber I know..."

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