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Sunday In The Park With George

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Sunday In The Park With George

Cut to Kendra, standing on the veranda of a palatial estate that looks not unlike Michael Jackson's Neverland. She's gazing down at Mike and Noah, who are chit-chatting on a footbridge that spans the...moat? Kendra is wearing a necklace from which a ring -- of perhaps some sentimental significance? -- dangles, and the moment she first sees Mike and Noah talking, her hand sort of goes to the ring and hovers there for a split second. Very interesting! Kendra struts down to the bridge to chastise the two gentlemen: "You two just won't stop, will you? Deirdre's dead. It doesn't matter who killed her. Just let it go." Mike: "It's not that easy, Kendra." Kendra: "Why? My sister hated you, both of you. She said so." Noah: "That was the drugs talking." Kendra: "Right, right. The drugs. Deirdre humiliated this family, and then threw our love back in our faces. She knew it, and she couldn't have cared less." Noah wants to know if Kendra's done, already, but she isn't, because she wants to find out what it is that Mike and Noah are plotting. Noah turns his back on her, but Mike comes up to her face and says, all casual, "We're just talking." Which Kendra does not believe, no. "Then don't ask," Mike spits at her. Oooh! The two of them exchange a feisty little stare-down, and then Kendra stomps off. There sure is nothing like a wooden footbridge when it comes to stomping.

Rex and Bree are leaving their house, and Rex is saying how of course he doesn't want to change cardiologists, but after weeks of testing, the guy should have figured out what was wrong with him by now. Bree worries that they socialize with the doctor and his wife, and what is she going to say if Rex switches to a new doctor? Rex: "All I know is that I've never felt worse and I gotta do something." As they go to get in the car, Bree notices Edie walking down the street, sipping coffee and wearing a terrible bright-salmon suit with grossly tight miniskirt attachment. For some insane reason, the skirt makes Edie's legs look almost chubby, which is some kind of reverse miracle because Edie's legs are not at all trunk-like. Not. At. All. Perhaps this is the latest space-aged contribution from NASA: Chunkifying Skirts and Separates? Bree makes a lame excuse to Rex about having to race over to talk to Edie about a recipe. Bree says she noticed Edie at Fredo's the other day, and Edie says yes, and then sucks on her teeth and chides Bree with a, "naughty, naughty!" Bree looks a little ill around the gills. What could Edie possibly mean? Edie: "That guy, the one you were spoon feeding? Not bad -- a little on the petite side for my tastes, but then again, I'm not the one sleeping with him." You see, this is exactly what Bree was worried about. She and George, she informs Edie, are Just Friends. Edie completely understands: Rex stuck it to that hooker housewife, and now it's payback time! Edie's delightfully nonchalant in this scene -- very "but of course" European. Bree: "You have got the wrong idea. That man is my pharmacist!" Edie: "You could have an affair with anyone and you choose a pharmacist? You are such a Republican." Bree is not having and affair! She insists: "George and I -- we just talk. He's a very good listener, and I share my hopes and dreams with him, and my innermost thoughts, and that's all there is to it. You have to believe me." Edie: "Okay, I believe you." Well then, Bree sure is glad they cleared this up. She knew it must have looked strange, her feeding her clams to George, but she didn't want Edie thinking she was cheating on her husband. Edie: "But you sort of are. Come on, Bree, you're telling this guy your innermost thoughts, your hopes, your dreams? Sex aside, it sounds like you're pretty intimate with a guy who's not your husband." Bree hems and haws that everybody needs someone to talk to. Edie: "Well, what's wrong with talking to Rex?" Edie saunters off, leaving Bree standing there, looking rattled.

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