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Sunday In The Park With George

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Sunday In The Park With George

Felicia is on the phone, leaving a message for Zana. She so enjoys their little visits, she tells the beep, and she hasn't seen him for a few days. She hopes everything's all right? CreePaul picks up to tell her that Zana isn't feeling very well, and, also, additionally, he doesn't think it's very appropriate that Zana's been spending so much time over at Felicia's. Click!

CreePaul brings a tray with two cups of cocoa into Zana's room. He asks how Zana feels, and Zana, who seems barely able to open his eyes, says he's been feeling awful for two days now. Zana gropes around for one of the cups of cocoa, and CreePaul guides his hand away from the (non-drugged) cup and onto the (clearly tainted) cup. Zana wonders, vaguely, if he should go see a doctor, but CreePaul seems to think it's just a flu, or maybe it's the house itself: "I feel it too. It isn't healthy for us to stay here." Zana, with eyes closed: "I told you, I'm not moving." CreePaul: "It would be for your own good. You can't keep running around, doing the kinds of things you've been doing. Susan Mayer's kitchen, for example. People are going to catch on." Zana is pretty much knocked out at this point, but he lets out a faint "yesss," though as far as confessions go, it's pretty weak. "Wouldn't it be great to just start over? Somewhere in the country. You could meet some new friends. Maybe even meet a new girl. How about I let you sleep on it," CreePaul says ominously. The camera tightens in on Zana's cup of (tainted) cocoa.

Lynette gets out of the car with baby girl P in her arms. What's this? A pink, pink store called "Nighttime Necessities" ("necessities"?) with a window-full of mannequins outfitted in rubber French maid costumes. Lynette scurries past, but then backs up and pauses as the MAVO chimes in: "The lack of passion in her marriage had become an unpleasant reality for Lynette. Then one day, it occurred to her that the best way to fight reality..." cut to Lynette wearing said French maid outfit and running around her living room, setting up wine and candles, etc. "...was with a little fantasy. Of course, all the fantasy in the world won't do you any good if no one shows up to enjoy it." Cut to Lynette looking bored with her feather duster and fishnets. Cut to Lynette busting in to the wine. Cut to Lynette emptying the last drops of wine into her glass. Cut to Lynette passed out on the couch. Enter Tom, and he's not alone! He's with a businessman. "I really feel bad," the businessman is saying to Tom, "about putting you out like this." Oh, but he's been flying all day, Tom says. It's no problem! As long as he doesn't mind sleeping...on the...sofa. After a few beats of Tom and the businessman taking in the sight of the sexy Goldilocks unconscious on the sofa, the businessman says, "Yeah, the sofa should be fine." Ha!

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