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Suspicious Minds

So, apparently, according to the moment that kicks off our closing montage, people are still cleaning up over at the charity ball. Gabrielle should probably look into hiring a more effective work force. Anyway, while the Endless Cleaning continues, Carlos sits in jail and looks irritated. Poor Carlos.

At Casa Narc, KimberBree walks past Andrew's door with a pile of towels. He's smoking pot in his room. They share a look, and he gets up and closes the door in her face. Nice.

Over at Casa Harboring A Criminal, Julie curls up in her bed and watches Zack sleep on the floor. Great parenting, Susan. I know you're very occupied being peeved with Gabrielle right now, but how have you not heard him clomping around upstairs?

Across the street, Gabrielle sits on her porch and looks upset. Susan comes up and takes a seat right next to her. "They took him away in handcuffs," Gabrielle says, and starts crying. Susan says nothing, but just puts her arm around Gabrielle sympathetically. Aw, Susan. You're a total disaster, but you have a good heart.

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