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Sweetheart, I Have To Confess

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Sweetheart, I Have To Confess

Down at the club. Bree and her doubles partner, "Rebecca," are celebrating the win of their latest match in some tournament. Tish walks by, and Bree greets her warmly, but Tish totally snubs her. And apparently Tish isn't the only one: Bree's been getting snubbed all around the club. Rebecca dishes that Tish is actually good friends with Jackie from Roseanne. Bree is confused: Jackie and Bree made up yesterday. Well, suggests Rebecca, maybe Tish has yet to receive the memo? Bree asks Rebecca if she believes the silly, ridiculous Orson rumors. Rebecca, guiltily: "Bree, you're the best doubles partner I've ever had; can we talk about this after the tournament?" Bree, looking determined, gets up and heads over to the club restaurant to make dinner reservations for tonight, "under the names 'Hodge' and 'Bigsby.'" Also, she wants a nice, big, high-profile table right in the middle of the dining room.

The three Ps are gathered around the table, grilling Lynette about her fight with Tom. Lynette, who's busy packing up a suitcase for Tom, explains that adults, like kids, sometimes need a "time-out." Proving just how adult she is, Lynette tops off Tom's suitcase with a sprinkling of cereal. Which, while wildly immature and a terrible example for her to let her kids see, still seems pretty tame -- at least she didn't pee in anything. Hey look, here's a little nod to continuity: the Scavo dog, SLAVP (Stop Looking At Vaginas, Please), is actually in this scene. Also in this scene: Kayla, eavesdropping from the hallway.

Cut to Kayla on the phone with Snora, reporting in about Lynette and Tom's big fight, and how Tom's now sleeping down at the restaurant. Snora praises Kayla for a job well done, and tells her to go on and "keep those little ears open." That said, it doesn't really seem like Kayla is deliberately spying on the Scavos -- more like she's upset over the reported fight and is (misguidedly) looking to her mother for comfort. Or maybe I'm wrong and Kayla is a manipulative monster. She also may or may not be a robot; there's something creepily Small Wonderful about that child.

Casa Endless Divorce. An envelope arrives for Carlos, and Gabby catches him guiltily locking it away in his desk. Gabby encourages Carlos to take a shower, citing his post-work-out sweat-hog-ness. And he does look extremely sweaty in this scene -- very sparkly. While he's in the shower, Gabby sneaks the key out of his shorts, opens his desk, and faxes her lawyer the contents of the envelope. She has a rough moment when Carlos gets out of the shower and puts on his shorts before she gets the chance to return the key, but she sidesteps it by demanding that he hand the shorts over to be washed. Carlos, disbelievingly: "You want to wash my shorts?" Gabby: "I don't want to, but if you wear them one more time, they're going to ask me themselves." He slips them off, hands them over, and just as she's almost free, he calls her back over and digs the key out of the pocket: it appears as though sly Gabby's managed to sleight-of-hand the key back into place just in time.

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