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Thank You So Much
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Previously: Bree got a DUI; Gabby wrestled with a nun and discovered that she's ready to have a baby; and Zana began to (as Mary Alice puns) "put A and B together."

MAVO: "Susan Mayer had always believed the punishment should fit the crime." Susan doodles a hangman on a pad of binder paper. MAVO: "She first came to this conclusion when she discovered that her husband Karl had been unfaithful." Susan of yore sorts through laundry and discovers one of Karl's shirts, emblazoned with the inevitable lipstick on the collar. Not just a smudge, either: it's a perfect imprint of a full pair of lips, almost like the Other Woman deliberately used Karl's collar as a blotter. Heavy-handed prop amateurishness? Or just the sign of a vindictive woman trying to get her married man caught? You be the judge! MAVO: "Since Karl had destroyed the love she had given him, Susan felt it was only appropriate that she destroyed the things he loved in return." Montage: Susan crushing a trophy in a vise; Susan setting fired to a pair of nice men's shoes; Susan driving over a bunch of golf clubs.

MAVO: "But now, three years after their divorce, Susan was reunited with Karl once again, as partners in a crime of their own." Back in the now, Karl snaps Susan out of her daydreaming. She needs to focus: their insurance scam is serious business, and no one can ever find out about it because they could "both go to jail"! Susan, Karl, and Julie are in a summit around the table at the Mayer house. They're there to make sure that all their ducks are in a row: Karl's got the pre-nup, they've set up the appointment down at the courthouse on Wednesday, and Susan's surgery is lined up for Thursday. Check, check, check. Yes, everything's ship-shape. Nothing to worry about here! Except. Julie "Voice Of Reason" Mayer: "I think this whole thing is a tragic mistake." Well said. Julie explains that she just can't face "another ugly divorce." Susan hastens to assure her daughter that this is "strictly a business arrangement." Julie: "It better be. Because if I see so much as one lingering gaze between the two of you, I swear, I'll go to the insurance company and turn you in." Man, what is she so uptight about? It's not like her mom and dad slept together recently. Oh, wait. Julie heads up to her room, and Susan calls up to her: "So we shouldn't expect a wedding gift, huh?"

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