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Thank You So Much

Mike comes over to the Young house to warn CreePaul about the looming evil Noah and Detective Sullied. And who's listening in just outside the door? You guessed it: Zana! Where would this episode be without all the convenient overhearing? Mike explains that Noah is "rich, powerful," and also "terminal." And he "wants to meet his grandson before he dies." CreePaul: "Absolutely not." Mike: "You'll be surprised, but I agree with you. Noah destroys anything he touches, and the last thing either of us wants is for this guy to get his hooks in Zach." Mike urges CreePaul to take Zana and run, to hide out until "nature takes its course with Noah." CreePaul: "If we leave, we won't be coming back. You'll never see your boy again." Why? I'm not too sure. As Mike pointed out, there won't be much to hide from once Noah dies. But anyway: Mike, at least, understands. And with that, a shocked-looking Zana pulls away from his listening post. Hmmm.

Susan and her Little Doctor Friend are having dinner at Chez Naomi. And so are Edie and Karl! Edie is being super-romantical: "Happy Valentine's Day, my darling," she says, in that husky "I'm not wearing any underwear" voice of hers. Mid-cuddle, Edie spots Susan. "Apparently they'll let anyone in here," she says to Karl. The two women exchange little waves. The waiter comes over to tell Karl and Edie that the "chocolate soufflés [they] ordered will be out momentarily." Aww, and the way the actor playing the waiter delivers that line -- such love, such precision! -- I suspect he spent a full week practicing it. Edie tries to wave the waiter away, saying that they never ordered soufflés. But then Karl explains that he actually pre-ordered them before they even sat down. Edie tries to back out, claiming to be too full for dessert (as if such a thing were possible!). Karl: "This you'll want to try. It's their specialty." You can see it dawn on Edie: ah-ha! A hidden ring! She gives the waiter the green light, and then excuses herself to go to the bathroom. On her way to the powder room, she grabs Susan and makes her come along.

When she has Susan alone, Edie gleefully announces: "I have some news that's probably going to devastate you. But I wanted to be the first one to tell you. Karl is about to pop the question." For those of you who might wonder at the cattiness, and also hubris, of announcing a looming proposal to your man's ex-wife, I'm totally with you. And yet...didn't Susan race over to gloat to Edie the split second after Mike asked her to move in? Edie rushes to offer Susan a tissue, but Susan's just kind of confused. So Edie presents all the evidence: the ring, and the pre-nup, and the soufflés. And the way Edie describes it all, she's clearly so, so excited! Eeee! Susan, like every single person in the viewing audience, gets that sinking "uh oh" feeling. She tries to reason with Edie, pointing out that "Karl is a lawyer, and it could just be a pre-nup for another client." Edie: "Boy. Jealousy is one ugly thing up close." Edie looks into the mirror and pats her hair: "If you'll excuse me, I'm going back to my table and getting engaged." Susan does her patented squeak of impotence.

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