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Thank You So Much

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Thank You So Much

Back at the table, the soufflés arrive. Off to the side, Susan scribbles a little note and asks the Waiter of the One Line to deliver it to the "handsome" man with "dark hair." But of course the waiter delivers it to the wrong man. The wrong guy opens the note, and it reads, "Be careful! She thinks you're about to propose." I think they actually used brow pencil to write the note, nice! The man turns to his date and yells: "You never stop! I told you I'm not divorcing my wife. I'm in this for the sex. If you can't accept it, then go to hell." The man throws down some bills and totally just leaves! (Come and knock on my door! We've been waiting for you! Where the kisses are hers and hers and his! Three's company, too!) Susan signs hugely. Edie, getting nervous, starts digging around her soufflé with her spoon. When she doesn't strike gold, she actually puts her hand right in there and starts digging around. Karl looks at her like she's crazy, and well, she kind of is. Edie: "I thought you said this dessert was special." Karl: "When you put it in your mouth and eat it. What's wrong with you?" Susan cringes, Edie looks embarrassed, and the wah-wah music swells!

Carlos knocks on Hot Mom's hotel door, and she of course answers in her robe. Carlos drags in her bags, and she nicely thanks him, saying that she just got out of the shower and realized she needed clothes to change into. Carlos asks if he can talk to her about something, and she tells him to talk while she dresses. Hmmm, this could get ugly fast! But Hot Mom retreats to the bathroom to change, thank god, and leaves the door cracked. Carlos shouts that he thinks Hot Mom's surrogacy offer might be the perfect answer, but Hot Mom thinks Gabby will never go for it. Hot Mom comes out of the bathroom wearing a leopard-spotted sheath with, like, dental floss for straps. Flirtily, she asks Carlos to zip her zipper. What did I tell you? Carlos darts in and zips up her dress. Hot Mom compliments him on the rapidity with which he mastered her zipper: "Someone works out!" she coos. Huh? Carlos scrambles to return the topic to the surrogacy. He really thinks it could work, but that Hot Mom and Gabby will have to mend some fences. Hot Mom: "After such a long time, what is the point?" Carlos tries tactfully to tell Hot Mom about the "stuff Gabby went through when she was younger, stuff that [Hot Mom doesn't] know about." He suggests that she if she went to Gabby and "asked her about it, then the two of [them] could finally get past it."

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