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Thank You So Much

The rest of the scene is dedicated to talk of the ring. Turns out that, three years ago, in a jilted pique, Susan threw Karl's grandmother's ring out her car window "somewhere on Route 7." They bicker back and forth (Karl trusted her with his family heirloom that was one day meant to be handed down to Julie! Susan trusted Karl not sleep around!), and then Susan tells Karl to get off his "high horse" -- that all their bad behavior is in the past, and now they're "on the same page."

Cut to Susan struggling her way through a thicket somewhere alongside Route 7, metal-detector in hand. MAVO: "Yes, Susan Mayer believed that the punishment should suit the crime." Susan complains that she thinks there might be snakes out there in the woods. Karl -- who's perched on the hood of the car and picking his teeth with a toothpick all relaxed -- yells up to her that they're staying there until Susan finds that ring. MAVO: "But for that matter, so did Karl." And roll those two-second credits!

And now, here we have an Italian man in bowtie, singing tragic, tragic opera. MAVO tells us that this is the "tradition at Leonardo's Bar and Grill": waiters start to sing "ridiculously depressing arias" an hour before closing. Bree, wearing a stellar red satin sheath dress, sits at a table, alone, drinking wine and sniffling. Bree's waiter comes over and hands her a napkin, and she gratefully takes it and dabs her eyes. The waiter tactfully turns to leave, but Bree calls him back: "Tony? Do you have to rush off? I thought maybe we could just chat for a minute." Bree launches in: Rex was murdered by their pharmacist. Tony, clearly at a loss as to how to respond to this particular tidbit, stutters, "Wow. Uh...I hope you changed pharmacists." Bree: "I didn't have to. He committed suicide." Ha! In summary like that, this show sounds so fantastically ridiculous. Bree waves her hand dismissively at, I guess, all the unpleasant memories, and she does it in that particular overly loose style of someone well sauced. Tony offers to call her a cab, and Bree resists mildly, but eventually she gives in when it occurs to her that a cab ride home later will enable her to order another bottle of pinot grigio now.

Bree's cab pulls up at her house, and Bree, wearing a huge and crazy fur wrap that makes her seem even more drunk, somehow, stumbles out and verrrry unsteadily makes her way up her front lawn. Halfway to her door, she opens up her purse and tries to dig out her keys, but then everything goes a-tumbling and she kneels down...

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