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Thank You So Much

Guess what? Susan managed to find the ring! And there I was, only just last week, marveling over one of those insane metal-detector people, who was busily scouring the grass near me at a local park. What do those people ever manage to find with their weird metal-loving space wand? Susan B's? Keys to unknown locks? Bullets? Or is it more about the process, it somehow meditational, like fishing? How too funny to find out from a well-timed lesson from Desperate Housewives that those metal-detector crazies actually unearth priceless family heirlooms! Julie asks Susan, who is busy scrubbing said ring with a little ring-scrubbing brush, whether she got "the gum out from under the diamond?"

Just then, Susan's Little Doctor Friend comes down from upstairs, and Susan panics and throws the ring into a random and, it appears, purely decorative ceramic pitcher on the counter. Ugh, I guess Susan has neglected to tell the LDF that she is remarrying Karl. (Has she learned nothing from her "big lies ruin lives" lesson with Mike?) There is an awkward moment while Little Doctor Friend contemplates the dirty and filthy meaning behind his descending from Susan's bedroom in what is clearly an hour of the AM. Julie teasingly asks LDF whether he "spent the night," and he starts hemming and hawing. Susan, leaning over and to give him a little hug: "It's okay, she knows you make house calls." Which strikes me as slightly off, the cute sex innuendo in front of the daughter? But perhaps I am a wrinkly old prude. Almost surely. Certainly Julie seems to think it's fine, fine enough for a little chuckle. Little Doctor Friend tells Susan they have V-Day rezies at "Chez Naomi" at 7, and then he tells her that a spot has opened up in the schedule down at the hospital, so she can move her surgery up to Wednesday if she wants -- like it's a hair appointment or something. Susan blurts out that she can't; she has "a wedding that day." Smooth! LDF is all, "Huh?," and Susan does some idiotic backpedaling about how today every woman wants a Wednesday wedding, Wednesday is the new black!

LDF leaves, and Susan fishes the ring out of the convenient hiding pitcher and chastises herself for being a "rotten, sneaky person." Julie: "Look, I'm not too crazy about this whole fake-marriage thing, but if you don't have that operation, you could die. So don't be so hard on yourself; you are a good person." And yet...why can't they tell all this to LDF? Will it put him in some kind of legally uncomfortably situation down at the hospital? I don't know. Susan thanks Julie for being so nice (and really/truly, what a good daughter Julie is!), and then sends Julie over to give Karl the ring. Susan: "And just so you know, if Edie catches you, I'm expecting you to swallow it." Susan sure is hilarious.

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