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Thank You So Much

Back to Boozehound Bree. She's finished her glass of wine -- has, in fact, polished off the entire bottle -- and is now totally passed out on the couch, baby Penny still in her arms. The P-twins try to rouse her -- but as Mrs. McCluskey discovered before them, waking a juiced Bree is hard to do. They poke her; they lift up her arm and let it drop: nothing.

Cut to Bree, alone and still "sleeping" on the couch. Through the window, we can see the P-twins on the sidewalk out front, pushing baby Penny in her stroller. Slowly, Bree comes to, and starts looking for the kids. At first she's just annoyed, but soon she's full-tilt frantic, running around the neighborhood, screaming the kids' names. Mrs. McCluskey is raking out in her front lawn. (Funny, isn't it, how much of her we're seeing in the episode, and yet...Betty? Betty! Where are you, Betty?) Bree speed-walks up to Mrs. McC and asks her if she's seen the Scavo boys. Mrs. McC hasn't seen them, but wonders why Bree is looking. Bree says something about needing to "tell them something," and then she races off. Mrs. McC watches Bree leave, and then shakes her head with a "look at that wino go" sort of amusement.

Down at the office, Tom and Lynette are in the middle of a meeting. Lynette's phone rings: it's some woman, calling to say she has the Scavo kids.

Cut to Lynette and Tom wind sprinting into a hair salon, all breathless with panic and confusion. Lynette runs up to the Sassy Hairdresser standing at the front desk. The chipper P-twins call out twin "hi"s to her, and she runs over to them and hugs and kisses them hugely. Lynette turns to the Sassy Hairdresser and thanks her profusely, but the woman isn't exactly Lynette's biggest fan. "I'm just glad I found them and not some weirdo freak," she says to Lynette, her hand on her hip. Lynette falls all over herself, agreeing with her. Sassy Hairdresser: "Because there're all sorts of crazy people out there. Drunks" ha! "perverts, molesters." Lynette continues to agree frantically. Sassy Hairdresser: "Now, you got really lucky. I mean, a different person might have called the cops. Or child welfare." Lynette, totally on edge, rushes to explain that she'd left the kids with a "really reliable babysitter." Sassy, Sarcastic Hairdresser: "Ooh, yeah, you picked a real winner." Lynette takes a look around the salon, and everyone there is totally staring at her and her kids and her scene. Lynette, getting all Lynette-y: "Are you judging me? Because --" Just then, Tom jumps in: "Let it go. The kids walked three miles to get here. We don't have a leg to stand on." Lynette pauses to think this over, then she turns to Sassy and smiles hugely, thanks her one last time, and then they all struggle their way out the door. Three miles!

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