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That's Good, That's Bad

...but then she abruptly turns back around and tells him her name is Susan, which I'm guessing she put on her job application, but if he's calling her "Hon," maybe he needs reminding? Then she shakes her head and tells him no, this isn't good enough. PP says that he's trying hard to be nice, but she's "backing [him] into a corner." Susan tells him she isn't looking for an invite to Thanksgiving. She just wants "coffee or lunch." PP says that starting up something with Susan wouldn't be fair to his wife. Susan: "Oh, that's funny -- so all the times you were cheating on her, that was okay, but lunch with your daughter, that just crosses the line. I just want a chance to get to know you." PP sighs and then tells her, "Well, I don't want to know you. I've already got a family." Ouch. And yet, Susan is a spastically self-involved disaster magnet, so maybe he's got the right idea here? He explains that he paid Sophie a big hunk of money to "keep things quiet." Susan: "Well, I wasn't consulted on that little arrangement." PP tells her he doesn't think it's fair of her to punish him for a mistake he made years ago. Susan: "Is that what you think of me? I'm a mistake?" PP: "If that's what you need to hear, then yeah, that's what I think."

Susan is standing there, looking crushed and on the verge of tears again, when in bursts Carol. "Oh Addie," Carol coos, running over and hugging him and telling him the kids are on their way. Susan kind of wanders over into Carol's line of peripheral vision, and finally, Carol looks up and asks Susan who she is. Susan, to Mr. Prudy: "Do you want to tell her, or should I?" Carol looks confused, and Mr. Prudy look totally "uh oh." Susan: "I'm your husband' angel." Way to be cool, Susan! She explains to Carol that she just so happened to be in the store when her husband collapsed, and that she gave him CPR and called 911. Carol hugs Susan hugely and says, "When I think of what could have happened..." Which clearly is exactly what Papa Prudy is thinking himself. Susan says she's going to take off, and she leans in to give Prudy a kiss on the cheek. While she's down there, she whispers, "I'm not giving up." At the door, she tells him she'll be back in the store next week, regarding that "darn horse feed" she never did pick up. Papa Prudy grudgingly tells her that he guesses he'll set a bag aside for her. Will he really be out of the hospital so soon? After a heart attack? Huh. Susan, over her shoulder: "You do that!"

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