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That's Good, That's Bad

Upstairs, Gabby distracts Carlos from looking for the pink slip by baby voicing that she's "sick of being bad" and that she wants "to be a better person too," all the while giving him a highly distracting rubdown. Clearly aroused, Carlos makes some feeble attempts to take the pink slip down to SMH, but Gabby keeps going with the kissing and the shirt unbuttoning, telling him the Sister "can wait five minutes" considering that they're giving her a car. Finally, Carlos gives in and lets Gabby tip him back onto the bed and then jump on top of him. I'm not sure what Gabby's trying to accomplish here. In the past, she's always held sway over Carlos by withholding sex. Maybe her newfound jealousy is prompting her to mark her territory? Confusing.

Lynette gets off the elevator at work and is immediately confronted with a layoff melee: people are weeping, hanging their heads, yelling, shoving, and carrying out boxes of personal items. Lynette bellies up to the receptionist station and asks New Receptionist Pat what the deal is. Pat, incidentally, is wearing a weird, high-necked blouse-thing with a print that, I think, features...elephants...and the Eiffel Tower? And Lynette is wearing a very snappy suit with a pretty and delicate silver necklace: it's double-stranded, with one small silver ball centered on the shorter strand and then three evenly distributed silver balls on the longer strand. It's a very classy necklace, and a far cry from Lynette's sad choker of yesteryear, and I very much want one of my very own. Pat, worriedly: "Ed keeps calling people into his office? I think people are getting fired."

At just that moment, Ed himself emerges from his office and yells Lynette's name; Lynette creeps into his office. He looks up from some paperwork and brusquely informs her, "Nina's out, you're in. You are our new VP of accounts." Which sounds like good news, and yet...I wonder! As Lynette struggles to get her mind around this information, Ed tells her that he just gave Bossy "the ax, along with a bunch of other people." Why? Because, as Ed informs Lynette, "our old pal Stu just filed a sexual harassment suit against the company," and he "hired a fancy lawyer and threatened to go to the press." Stu even has a videotape of himself, delivering hot muffins to (i.e., sexing) the Bossy herself. In short, Ed had no choice but to pay Stu off. Lynette, scrambling to catch up, says that she gets why Ed fired Bossy, but why everyone else? Ed: "Stu's taking us to the cleaners. If I don't cut back on staff, the next round of paychecks are going to bounce." Many people on the boards have pointed out that a legitimate company would have insurance to cover such contingencies, and that if Lynette were smart, she'd leave at the first hint of how bubble-gummed together the whole agency really is. But, it appears, Lynette hasn't really left herself with the luxury of that kind of wiggle room. Lynette to Ed: "Oh god, Ed. I am soooo sorry." Ed, still distractedly sorting through papers, tells Lynette it's not her fault, and she gives the top of his head a funny little eye shrug, like "actually..." Ed: "We'll get through this. You and me. Together." Lynette nods in a stunned sort of way that conveys the very tip of a dawning regret iceberg. Ed: "Oh! Can you run down to the art department? Someone's got to can Jeff and Elizabeth." Lynette mumbles something about how sure, she'll take care of it, and then she stumbles out of his office.

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