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That's Good, That's Bad

Meanwhile, Bree's having an existential breakdown in the elevator, hugging herself and staring at her reflection in the elevator doors with a haggard look of horror on her face. She bangs on the doors with her fist and then sinks to the floor.

Meanwhile, upstairs George keeps going with the "loves me/loves me not" pill gobbling, and finally, with the last "she loves me," he calmly takes a whole handful of pills.

From the floor of the elevator, Bree reaches up and hits the STOP button, and the elevator alarm bells start ringing. Okay and now here things get a little weird. We get a close-up of Bree's face, and she looks like maybe she's gone into shock. This shot cross-fades to a shot of George, who's lying on his bed with his eyes closed. Clearly, some time has passed, since the last time we saw George, he was sitting in a chair, but it's not at all clear how much time has gone by. George suddenly sucks in a breath and sits up. He drowsily looks at his watch, which he's taken off and put on the bedside table, and then he starts breathing unevenly and reaches for the phone. He sort of paws the receiver off its cradle and then, with much effort, manages to dial zero. George, slurring: "Operator? This is a bit embarrassing, but I've swallowed some pills. I think you need to call an ambulance."

Just then, a knock sounds on the door, and George's eyes fly from half-mast to wide open. He tells the operator that, whoops, false alarm, the pills were actually just vitamins, and then he hangs up. George weakly calls out that the door's open, and Bree walks in. She takes in the sight of the pills and the booze, and asks George what he was thinking. George mutters that he didn't hurt Dr. Goldfine, and that for Bree to find him "capable of that sort of violence"...and then he trails off. Bree says George's name, sharply, and walks over to the bed (hoo, that dress sure does dip down, down, down, all the way to the crack of Bree's liberty bell) and asks him why he's telling her all this. George: "Because maybe I don't have to die. I could face the police, knowing that you'd be there for me, that you'd stay my friend. Then I'll have something to live for." Bree, getting the gist of George's plan: "And then we'll call an ambulance and they'll pump your stomach." The ominous music is, of course, really ramping up by this point.

Bree gives George a sort of disgusted once-over look, and then she slowly, meticulously pulls up a chair and sits down: "I want to help you, but in order to do that, I need to forgive you. And I can't do that until you admit what you've done." George gurgles that he didn't push Dr. Goldfine, but Bree whispers, "Yes, you did. But that's not what I'm talking about." George acknowledges this new development by cracking his eyes open, so he gets a nice view of Bree's tear-contorted face as she says, "You killed Rex." George delivers a scoffing sort of burp and then turns his head toward the phone. Bree tells him that it wasn't "totally" his fault, that he's "not well." Bree pleads for him to "just be honest" with her, and then she can forgive him: "It'll be the hardest thing I've ever done, but I will do it. But you have to tell me the truth." George turns his head back to look at Bree, and says in a small, fading voice, "Look, I'm in trouble here. We need to call someone." We get a very tight shot on Bree as she tells him, "Not until you admit what you've done," and she is kind of scary here! George, in a sighing little croak of a voice: "I love you. I think I may have done it for you. Because you wanted me too. You know you did." Bree looks shattered and revolted and disgusted and frightened by this revelation, and the music shifts from eerie tinkling to a sort of Jason-esque menacing "CHA-Chah-chah." George's eyes close, and Bree looks at him like...well, like she's finally seeing George for the monster he truly is. But George isn't dead yet. He sucks in another big breath and his eyes open once again. "We need to call an ambulance," he pleads, and Bree sits there, and then her face shifts a bit, like clearly she's made some kind of decision, and with a tearful smile, she lies that she called the ambulance while he was asleep, and that they're already on their way. George gazes up at her with the innocent smile of a baby, and Bree smiles back, and slowly George's eyes flutter closed. Bree takes a big breath, and...the MAVO summary kicks in!

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