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That's Good, That's Bad

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That's Good, That's Bad

"It's not always that easy to distinguish the good guys from the bad guys," MAVO tells us. We see Gabby, in bed, glaring at Carlos as he kneels alongside it, deep in prayer. MAVO: "Sinners can surprise you, and the same is true for saints." Sister Mary Hotpants, still with the loony god-infused smile, is kneeling by her bed. She crosses herself, and then licks her fingers and singes out a huge candle with a cross on it, a simple little act that she manages to infuse with an impressive dose of menace. MAVO: "Why do we try to define people as simply good or simply evil?" Bossy Boobs packs her stuff into a box at work and weeps quietly. Sad! MAVO: "Because no one wants to admit that compassion and cruelty can live side-by-side in one heart." Carol sits holding Papa Prudy's hand, and they sigh and turn away from each other. MAVO: "And that anyone is capable of anything." Meanwhile, over at OD Hotel, Bree returns the chair to its original location, gives George's room one last look, and then walks out of there with her head held high. Whoa...ladies and gentlemen: Bree "Judge, Jury, Executioner" Van de Kamp! What the hell was THAT? What happened during those missing minutes in the elevator? Did Bree call the police and they fitted her with a wire -- was that why she was gunning for George's confession? If not, then why, knowing George's monstrous side as she does now, would Bree ever go to his room unarmed? Also, I thought for sure we'd have a few more juicy episodes out of this, where George tried to frame Bree and Bree got to...bust out the guns and a snug safari outfit and hunt him down like a dog. This is all just happening too fast! Or maybe! Maybe George is faking? Anyone? Hello?

Next week: Andrew's back, and Carlos wants to be one of God's soldiers!

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