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That's Good, That's Bad

As soon as Ed leaves, Bossy announces that it's going to be another late night, and then sarcastically adds, "Nice work, everybody, thank you." Lynette, massaging her neck: "Can you can the attitude, Nina?" Bossy: "I'm sorry, what did you just say?" For some reason, all the other people in the meeting -- Lynette's team, I guess -- stand up, so now everyone's standing there, looking awkward, as Lynette says: "You're being rude. And it's totally out of line. You know how hard we worked on this...I think I speak for everyone here when I say we are sick and tired of your abuse. Frankly, you owe us an apology." Nina, in a manipulatively semi-sincere way, asks everyone, "Is this true? I mean I would be mortified if I thought I'd hurt any of you. If anybody feels like I owe them an apology, please...speak up." Nina sits down, and abruptly, the rest of the group sits down with her. One by one, she directly turns to the people at the table, but no one speaks up. Bossy: "Gee, Lynette. I guess you were mistaken." Bossy stands to go, and once again the entire group stands with her. Bossy: "All right, let's recap, shall we? Stinky pitch, working late, no apologies." Once Bossy leaves, Lynette looks at her team with disappointed amazement. "What happened to standing up for ourselves?" she asks them. Just then, Receptionist Stu walks in with a basket of "hot muffins," which...I don't get. Did he just whip them up in the company kitchen? Also, I guess he's fully recovered from the tasering incident? Huh. Lynette: "No, Stu. These people don't deserve muffins." Lynette's team all hangs their heads in shame and also muffin disappointment.

Gabby is in her bedroom unloading some more purchases when the phone rings. It's "Assistant Warden Mark Martinez" down at county, calling to tell Gabby, "At 7:23 this morning, your husband held two guards at gunpoint and successfully escaped." Gabby: "He WHAT?" Assistant Warden Martinez: "I take it you had no prior knowledge that he planned to do this?" Gabby denies this strenuously, and in fact calls Carlos a "moron." The Assistant Warden informs Gabby that they think Carlos will be coming to find her, and that they believe him to be "armed and very, very horny." On "horny," Carlos himself walks in the bedroom. Ah, such a relief to see him out of that cursed orange jumpsuit and into some normal clothes for a change. Gabby is faced away from the door, so she doesn't see him, but then he hangs up his cell and says, "Surprise, baby," and she turns around to find him there. Surprise! It turns out the breakout was all a ruse: actually, Carlos actually got paroled early. Gabby jumps all over him and seems genuinely happy to see him. She asked him what happened, and he reveals that a "church group that helps out Catholic prisoners" lobbied the parole board. Gabby gives him a big kiss and tells him, "I guess I owe the Pope a big thank-you note." Carlos throws Gabby down on the bed and says, "Less talking, more stripping."

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