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That's Good, That's Bad

Carlos comes tripping down the stairs with his Bible. As he tries to leave, Gabby steps in front of him. He goes to step around her, but she sidesteps to block him again. And again. Finally, Carlos says, "What?" Gabby tells him that she saw his nun. Carlos: "So?" Gabby: "So she's hot. She's a hot nun." Carlos laughs, "You can't seriously be jealous?" Gabby: "You mean to tell me that this miraculous conversion of yours has nothing to do with the fact that the woman standing outside is a knockout?" Carlos leans down, kisses Gabby tenderly, and says, "That's what I'm telling you." Carlos walks out to his nun, and Gabby watches him go. Over Carlos's shoulder, Sister Mary waves at Gabby, and Gabby returns the wave with an anemic smile. Carlos and the nun give a very platonic wrong-handed shake, and Gabby's smile crumbles. Many people on the boards have complained that Sister Mary Bernard is no "knockout," and thus not at all worthy of Gabby's jealousy, but she is by far the best-looking nun I've ever seen.

Lynette walks in to work and discovers that there's a new, matronly woman with poodle curls sitting at Stu's reception station. Lynette asks New Receptionist Pat what happened to Stu.

Cut to Lynette bursting into Bossy's office, all, "You fired Stu?" Lynette tells Bossy that she's going to go to Ed with this, and Bossy tells her that Ed already knows Stu's been fired. Apparently, Stu's employee evaluation file was already "full of black marks." Lynette: "Come on, Nina, we both know why you got rid of him." Bossy: "Well, good luck proving it. Oh! And on a completely unrelated topic, there's going to be another round of firings coming down the pike. Ed's been after me to trim the fat..." Lynette asks Bossy if she's threatening her, and Bossy hastens to (unconvincingly) deny it: "No, no. It's just that it's going to be my job to evaluate those who are team players, and those who are not. Just a little heads up, just...trying to be nice." Bossy Boobs is so bitchy, it's actually kind of awesome.

Meanwhile, it appears that Very Special Susan is going forward with Operation Disappointment and has filled out an application for a job at her bio-dad's store. Poppa Purdy, looking at her application: "I don't know, you seem kind of overqualified." Susan: "Why, because I went to college?" PP: "No, because you finished high school." Susan laughs at this joke a smidge more than it deserves, and then she does some shucking and jiving about how she just wants to implement some changes in her life and how she's always loved horses and the outdoors. "And, well, I'm just fascinated with...feed," Susan adds. PP tells her that he supposes he could give her a try, and Susan responds to this news by smiling hugely and staring at PP for a somewhat crazed length of time. PP asks if there's something on his nose, and Susan confesses that she was just gazing at the color of his eyes, which, she points out, are the same color as her own. PP gives her an evaluating look, and then accuses Susan of being sent by his wife, Carol, to test him. Susan looks confused, so PP tells her, "You go back and tell my wife if a private detective couldn't fool me, well, you're not gonna either." Susan stutters that she just came in to get a job. PP: "A cute little thing like you struts in here, flirts with an old codger like me -- how dumb do you think I am? Hey, look at you, you've got pretty hair, a sexy walk, a tight little ass." Ew, ew! Mr. Prudy? Not nearly prude enough. To stop the hideousness, Susan blurts out that she's his daughter. PP is all, "Huh?," so Susan jogs his memory, you know, about how "back in the sixties" he had a fling with Sophie Bremer, and she got all knocked up.... Slowly, PP's face transforms with dawning horror. Susan peeps out a little "Hi!" and he turns and just...silently walks away. Susan follows, babbling apologies for springing this on him, but he doesn't say a word; he just walks into his back room and shuts the door. Susan knocks for a few seconds, and then lets herself in and finds...Mr. Prudy collapsed on top of a stack of what I'm guessing is some kind of feed.

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