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That's Good, That's Bad

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That's Good, That's Bad

Cut to a large basket of muffins. Are these the hot muffins of ex-Receptionist Stu? No, because as the camera pans up we see...Dr. Goldfine! He's alive! Alive and in the hospital, and all trussed up in one of those dangling leg casts, along with a broken arm buttressed up at a right angle from his body. Bree's there, I guess just paying him a friendly visit (I can't imagine he's actually holding office hours), and he's telling her that the doctors say he's going to get better, "slowly but surely." Which, frankly, is a miracle: after his George-assisted launch from the OVERPASS, there was a loooong delay before we heard him land. Dr. Goldfine, with incredible selflessness, asks Bree how she's doing. She tells him she's good -- that she's been seeing friends and "co-chairing an event for the Junior League." Oh, and she broke up with George. Dr. Goldfine looks very happy to hear this news -- so happy that I can't help but think that maybe he has been keeping his loin fires burning for Bree since pretty early on?

Bree: "Dr. Goldfine? Do you really cure people? I mean, even if they're really crazy." Dr. Goldfine says he's not a big fan of the word "crazy." When he works with people with mental-health problems, he treats them as if they had any other disease, "and sometimes they get better." Bree confesses that, when she dumped George, she "saw something" in his eyes -- a "sort of malevolence" that she can't really imagine being curable. Dr. Goldfine tells her that he doesn't believe in evil. Bree points out that he of all people has a reason to: "A man just threw you off a bridge for no reason!" Ah, so I guess Dr. Goldfine didn't recognize George? Even though George wasn't wearing a mask, and I'm pretty sure Dr. Goldfine knew what George looked like. (Didn't George and Bree run into Dr. G in a nursery parking lot? Or maybe that was one of those irritating "secret" Good Morning America scenes, because I can't seem to find it in any of the old recaps, hell.) Dr. Goldfine: "Exactly! He didn't know anything about me! He just rode up on his little blue bike and tried to hurt me. Do I think he's wicked? No! He's disturbed." Dr. Goldfine keeps talking about the "chemical imbalance" he believes this mystery man possesses, but Bree isn't listening because at the words "blue bike," it all clicks. George tried to kill Dr. Goldfine! Ah, how satisfying to have Bree finally, finally know just how nutso George is. Bree swallows hard and asks Dr. Goldfine, "Did you say 'blue bike'?" The "I had sex with a murderer, gross" music swells, and SCENE!

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