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That's Good, That's Bad
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Previouslies: Susan had a dad, Lynette got hired by a man named Ed (the boss of Bossy Boobs), Carlos promised to change his ways, and Bree dumped George.

MAVO: "Anyone who'd ever been to a party at Bree Van de Kamp's thought of her as the perfect hostess, because Bree knew how to take care of her guests." Over a flashback of dinner parties, we see a parade of people I don't recognize having a ball at Bree's dinner table. MAVO: "Her dinners all were served promptly, her liquor always flowed freely, and her anecdotes were always enjoyable." Though I'm not entirely convinced about the "enjoyable anecdotes" part: certainly the sausage dinner (where Bree blurted to her son and the minister that Rex was into S&M) was a shade uncomfortable, as was the famous "Rex cries after he ejaculates" dinner party.

In any case, back in the now, Bree is serving coffee at the end of one of her triumphant dinner parties, and she is looking fabulous in pearls and a coral, fitted, lacy cocktail dress with spaghetti straps. MAVO: "But on this night, the perfect hostess was about to find herself in a very imperfect predicament." A woman -- who (like all the other guests at this dinner) I don't remember ever seeing before -- shushes the table and tells everyone that she hears strange music. Bree puts down the coffee pot and heads over to the window to check it out and...uh oh. It's George, out on the lawn, standing in that particular wide-legged musical-theater stance, and singing "Don't Give Up On Us, Baby" into a microphone. Apparently, George has some kind of karaoke rig linked up to a huge speaker propped on a van behind him. Bree's face screws up in fury...

...and then Bree turns and smiles at her dinner guests and excuses herself as she dashes outside to confront George. George, still amplified: "We had a tiff, I upset you, now I'm just trying to make things right again!" Bree: "It was not a tiff. We broke up. It's over." George, singing again: "We can still pull throughhhhh!" Ha. Bree threatens to call the police and stomps back inside, and George yells that if she calls the police, he's going to come right back and start singing again because he wants her to hear the "whole medley." Uh oh. Inside, all of Bree's guests are up form the table, standing in the foyer and looking at Bree inquisitively. Bree shoos them back to the table with a promise that "dessert is about to be served." Her guests heading back to the table, Bree lurches upstairs, pulls a gun case out from under her bed, feeds a bullet in to the shotgun and then loads the chamber with one hand. Hot! Outside, George is singing, "I really lost my head last night, you got a right -- " but just then Bree leans out the upstairs window and shoots George's speaker into oblivion. George, who clearly isn't sure if the bullet was meant for him or the speaker, looks up at Bree in hurt confusion, but Bree smiles back at him with satisfaction. MAVO: "Yes, Bree knew how to take care of her guests, especially those who weren't invited." And roll the truncated credits!

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