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Making Threats

Casa de Solis. Carlos is getting ready to go on a business trip, which Gaby's upset about only until she finds out there's a possible $40,000 commission. She tells him she'll have is favorite dinner waiting when he returns, since it's his birthday. He stops and tells her it's okay; they'll go out and celebrate, since he doesn't want her to go to any trouble. She sees through it, and realizes he doesn't like the lasagna she's been making every year and has, in fact, been feeding it to the plant. That must be one smelly fichus. Ew. He says he never wanted to hurt her feelings, but he's gotten older and his stomach's gotten weaker. He tells her he's sorry, but she doesn't make it like his mom used to. She says that's because his backstabbing mother didn't have the decency to give it to her before she died. Carlos (aided by exposition-writing elves), says emphatically, "She was run over by a car!" Gaby thinks that's awfully convenient. Carlos says he loves Gaby's guacamole, though, and she says she buys that at the store. Of course.

Susan's stressing over Mike's bills and can't figure out why the payments don't cover half of what he's billed. He explains to her all about the bad economy and how sometimes people don't pay their bills. Susan doesn't care about anyone else's money problems but theirs, so she's going to be the one to go convince everyone to pay. She gets teary and fake-cries to Mike when he tells her it won't work. He falls for it, convincing him she'll be able to do the same with his clients. He starts to wonder about crying fits in the past, when she's convinced him to do what she wants. She thinks they shouldn't discuss this until they're out of this crisis.

At Bree's, she, Andrew and Orson are discussing how to deal with Sam. Andrew's not afraid, and he's pretty sure he speaks for Orson, too, but Orson says it depends on how violent Sam might get, since Orson is stuck in a chair now, so can't exactly fight like he used to. Orson runs into Andrew with his chair a couple times to show him how lousy he'd be in a fight. Bree tells Orson he's more of a strategist than a fighter, anyway. Andrew says they can hire someone to rough Sam up, then, but Orson suggests cash instead, since that's what Sam wanted from Rex in the first place. Bree tells Orson he's brilliant, but Andrew's not convinced. Orson runs into Andrew again, then wheels away.

Scavo home. The detectives show up and ask Lynette if she knows Irina. As she starts to go on about what a terrible little wench she is, the detectives interrupt to tell her they found her body, and she was murdered. Tom comes in and the whole comedy of errors repeats itself, but this time Lynette stops him as he's speaking ill of the dead. Basically, they're here to question Preston -- who's camping with Porter -- since they found a letter Irina had written him. Lynette starts to ramble about how he wouldn't have broken up with her and then killed her; "why wouldn't you just skip the breakup and go straight to the killing?" Tom asks why she won't stop talking, and she says she's trying. The detectives ask Tom to let Preston know, and get him back here for questioning. As they leave, Lynette calls to them to forget about Preston and focus on finding the real killer. They say they will. The camera pans upstairs, where Eddie's listening to the whole thing with concern. It's so weird that, even though he's a known killer, I still don't see him as evil or shady so much as sad and sympathetic. I think it's a credit to the actor.

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