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Making Threats

At Angie's, Patrick has a whole briefcase of bomb building laid out on the table. She says she's not going to, and he says not yet; he's waiting on one missing piece. She says she still won't, but he tells her there's a development in Oregon trying to clear-cut 4,000 acres of old-growth. Right. That's why he wants the bomb on this show? To come to Oregon and blow up a logging site. He says she used to be able to see that saving the world's messy, and she says now she sees he's a fake and has only ever believed in himself, not his cause. She says that Nick's twice the man he is as he grabs her, clearly jealous. Then Gaby interrupts by knocking on the door and saying she won't go, since she can see Angie's car. Patrick tells Angie to get rid of her quickly, so Angie calls her in. Gaby says hi and Angie pretends Patrick's her brother. Luckily, Gaby doesn't care much about anyone but herself, so they don't dwell. She just wants a lasagna recipe for Carlos's birthday, so Angie goes to the kitchen to get it. While she's there, Gaby asks Patrick what the bomb-building kit is, and he pretends Angie's fixing a remote control. He says she's good at that stuff, since she studied engineering in college. Angie gets irked at Gaby for wanting to use sauce from a jar instead of fresh tomatoes, but Patrick flashes his gun and Angie lets her ruin the lasagna. On her way out, Gaby babbles about not comparing your wife to your dead mother if you want to get laid on your birthday. When she's gone, Patrick wonders how someone who knows how to make a bomb hasn't used one on Gaby yet. He admires her restraint. Oh, Patrick, there are much worse people on this lane.

Bree's at her desk when Sam arrives and wonders why she wanted to see him. She tells him about Andrew and Danielle's trust funds, and says Rex seemed to have forgotten that he had three children. She hands him a check. We don't see how much it is, but it's enough to shock him. She says it's her way of apologizing for Rex, and he thanks her. She tells him how much she's appreciated the time he's spent with them, and then opens the door to let him out. She wishes him the best, and he says it sounds like a goodbye. She says that with his skills and all that money, he shouldn't work here. Plus, she's given the job back to Andrew, since it's a family business. He wants to work here and says he's part of the family, but she says, "Not really." He tears up the check and tells her she can't buy him off, since he belongs here. "I'm a Van de Kamp. And if you ever insult me again, you're gonna wish you hadn't." Ooh, scary.

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