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The Art of Seduction

Katherine's up late drinking wine when Robin comes home. Katherine says she stayed up to talk to her about something, and Robin says if it's about helping with the bills, she can do that now, because she just got a hostessing job and brought champagne home to celebrate. She thanks Katherine for letting her borrow her blouse. She wonders what Katherine wanted to talk about, but Katherine says it can wait. So Robin pops the cork on the champagne and spills it all over the shirt, repeating the dream by stripping in front of Katherine, who tells her she needs to leave. Robin apologizes if she did something wrong, but says she has a friend she can stay with, so she'll go pack. Katherine tells her she didn't do anything wrong; it's just that Katherine likes her too much, and it's confusing her. They both get weepy, and Robin understands, since she's been having those feelings for Katherine too. She goes upstairs to pack, but after some thought in her big lonely downstairs, Katherine follows her to her room and shuts the door.

MAVO picks back up: "Seduction is an art. Subtle methods of coercion are used..." (gays trying to wave Gaby over to their party -- those waves across the street are "subtle"?) "... to sway the susceptible." (Gaby waves back, but heads inside her house.) "And those who are determined will take their time to get what they want." (Sam watches Bree walk away at work.) "And when the seduction is successful, those who succumbed ask themselves..." (Close-up of women's feet under a sheet and then we pan up to a sleeping Robin and a worried Katherine.) "'Was I seduced, or was this what I wanted all along?'" That voiceover ending certainly makes everyone seem sinister. Sam? Yeah. But Robin and the gays? Not so much. No episode next week, since the Oscars are on.

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DeAnn, a writer and editor in Portland, Oregon, could find herself lured in by Bob and Lee's glamorous lifestyle. You can contact her at

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