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Double Lives

Previously: Bree told Karl there'd be no more sex for a month, and he should focus on getting her a divorce. Angie went to work for Bree. Gaby didn't like home-schooling. Lynette's hiding her pregnancy from her boss, Carlos. Nick and Julie had an affair before she was attacked, and Angie knew about it. Susan was arrested for shooting Katherine. Phew. It's been a busy season.

In a courtroom, Mary Alice tells us what a sense of humor Judge Mary Gallagher has. She pronounces sentences: A slumlord who won't fix the furnace has to live in his own tenement for a month, in December. A woman who threw a phone at her maid has to clean her maid's home for six weeks. A high school coach who made lewd remarks to a cheerleader has to cheer in uniform at an assembly. Then there was the case of the housewife who shot her neighbor. Susan stands up -- next to Bob, so looks like she got him -- and says it was an accident. Katherine stands up and screams that it wasn't. They explain the whole Mike situation to the judge, who spots Mike and tells him she can see shooting someone over him. The judge says she's inclined to avoid giving out jail time, but there have to be consequences. Katherine pipes up that she'd like to say something, and the judge tells her to make it quick since she already finds her uninteresting. Which is rude, because Katherine's anything but uninteresting this season. Katherine says Susan's been trashing her, too, so the judge sentences her to... picking up trash. Cut to Susan in an orange jumpsuit. Mary Alice reminds us of the judge's sense of humor, but tells us not everyone found her funny. Susan looks annoyed. Title card.

Random coffee shop called The Coffee Cup, as Mary Alice explains that you can drink coffee, read your morning paper, or bump into your neighbors there. Julie walks in, and Angie's already there. Mary Alice: "...whether you want to or not." Julie walks up, and says hi to Angie, who looks at her and half-smiles. Julie makes small-talk about decaf, and Angie says, "Seriously? You think I'm going to make small-talk with you?" She says she knows Julie slept with Nick, so she thinks they're past chit-chat. Julie says she's so sorry, but Angie turns and explains how shame works: "When you see the wife of the guy you banged, you don't make conversation... You avert your gaze and you blush." The barista gives Angie her latte, and Angie says Julie's buying it: "She owes me."

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