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Scavos'. Lynette's in a white men's shirt with a suit vest when she wakes up Tom so he's not late for class. He sits up and calls her "dad." She says her clothes are all too tight, so she has to wear his. He tells her he's still attracted to her in men's clothes and wonders if that's weird. She laughs a little, but ignores it, saying she has to pull this off for two more days and then can tell Carlos. Tom says there's no way Carlos won't be furious when he finds out, and she should have told him two months ago (when she was two months' pregnant). Lynette says that as soon as she and Terrence Henderson close the biggest deal in company history, Carlos will see that Terrence can get the work done when Lynette's on maternity leave. She's not sure the deal's going to close, though, so asks him to wish her luck. He says, "Good luck. Now come here, Mister. I wanna kiss ya." Lynette: "Okay, now it's weird."

In a church, Gaby enters a confessional and tells the priest she's sinned. She says she's been home-schooling her daughter and it's been a living hell, so she tried to bribe someone to get her into Catholic school. The priest asks what happened, and she opens the screen and throws a wad of money at him, all, "You tell me." He says, "Gabriella, what are you doing?" She tells him as the head of admissions, the money might help him get Gaby to the top of the waiting list. They keep tossing the money back and forth, and he finally says he might be able to move Juanita to the top of the waiting list, but that they tend to favor people who go to church more often. Gaby thinks this means he wants her to slip him a bunch of money during church. He says that's not it at all, but she tells him she's winking at him, and leaves.

Karl and Bree are in a parking garage, post-opera. She comments on the milestone of it being his first, and he says it's another milestone in that it's his last. She says she saw him tear up at the end of Act 2, and he says only because he realized there was an Act 3. You know, I'm not uncultured or anything, and I couldn't agree with Karl more. Opera is nothing special. Bree tells him that Madame Butterfly is a masterpiece, and wonders if the scene when Madame Butterfly tells the child not to feel sorrow at her mother's desertion made him feel anything. He says she leaned forward right then and he saw her boob, so he felt a little horny. Bree reminds him they're not having sex. She needs to know this relationship can be more than that.

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