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When Bree arrives home, Orson's listening to headphones. Which is odd when you're home alone, isn't it? Do people actually do that? He asks how her business dinner was and she says the bid was too high and they're going with someone else. He tells her he's listening to a new recording of Madame Butterfly, and removes the headphones so she can hear. He looks very serious, as does she, and for a moment I thought he'd followed her and this was his way of telling her that. But he's just moved by it, and asks her if it isn't glorious. She looks sad and says it is. But then she excuses herself and rushes up to bed.

A conference room. Lynette, Carlos and a third guy are sitting there on a conference call, saying that the Florida branch is officially a go. Carlos tells the people on the other end of the line that they have someone perfect in mind for branch manager but have to work out the logistics on this end. He hangs up and tells them he has no idea who will be branch manager. Carlos tells Lynette she really hit this one out of the park, but Lynette passes the credit along to Terrence for being so much help on this one. Carlos gets beeped from the front desk, telling him that Gaby's there to see him. He tells her to wait in his office, so she jumps on the speaker phone and yells that she just came from church and they have big trouble so he better not blow her off.

In Carlos's office, she tells him they need a big, fat check to help them seem holy enough to get Juanita to the top of the waiting list. He asks if she knows what kind of pressure he's under to get the Florida office up and running, and asks her to leave. She asks if she could at least get five dollars to buy Juanita a hairnet for her career in the fast food industry. She storms out, as Carlos looks exasperated. Gaby sees Lynette and Terrence in the hall, and does a double-take at Lynette's suit (it's complete with tie and jacket now), and says, "Gentlemen." Lynette points out a lot of people are wearing this style, but Gaby says that doesn't make it right. Terrence tells Gaby he heard her mention their school, St. Ursula's. He says it's a great school, and their second-grader, Molly, loves it. Gaby heads back in to Carlos's office to tell him she found him the perfect person to head the Florida office. Then Carlos is telling Lynette the news, and she says he can't send Terrence away. She wonders what if a bus hit her and she was put on bed rest for three months. He laughs, "That's not going to happen." She says he jinxed it, and it will now. He tells her that's enough; Terrence is going. Then he adds that he really likes the look she has going, but to be careful, because Roberta in accounting asked if he thought she'd like to go bowling with her.

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