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Side of the road somewhere. Orange-jump-suited work crew, one of whom is Susan. Katherine pulls up and honks. She waves at Susan, as she drinks from a giant fast food cup. She says she was just stopping by to say hi, and Susan wonders if she means "gloat." Katherine: "Maybe a little." It's totally distracting to me that every time it cuts back to Katherine here she's holding her cup a different way. Bad work on the part of everyone involved in this scene for letting that happen. Susan reminds Katherine that yes, this sucks, but she goes home to Mike at the end of the day, so she won. Katherine says it's big talk for a woman in an orange jumpsuit with blisters on her feet. Susan says Mike will rub her feet tonight, and she makes the jumpsuit look good. Katherine says the fact that she thinks that shows she's not at all rational. Then she says Susan missed some trash and throws her cup out on the ground. Susan tells the supervisor, who says if he'd seen her license plate he could do something about it, so Susan offers up her address. Susan and Katherine are side-by-side picking up trash in orange jumpsuits (and Katherine actually has a cute matching headband). Susan throws a piece of her trash in front of Katherine and tells her she missed something.

Another episode of Another Desperate Housewife, in which a cop hits on a woman whose husband was just killed by his mistress (in the last episode). She gives him her number. More commercials.

The Coffee Cup. Nick's inside, where the waitress is rubbing crumbs off his shirt when Angie walks up and sees her touching him. The waitress is called off to steam some milk, and Angie walks in and asks if this is what happens when she's five minutes late. He tells her the waitress was just wiping crumbs off of him -- as if that's innocent. No one does that unless they're flirting, and usually not even then. He asks if this is how it's going to be every time he talks to a woman, and she says it probably will. He tells her he's sorry and will do anything she wants including couples therapy. She says telling someone their secrets is a great idea; afterward, they can kill him. He asks what she wants and she says she wants him to be the guy he used to be -- the guy who saved her life, not destroyed it.

Scavos'. They invite Terrence and his wife in under the guise of having them over to celebrate his promotion. Then they split up and attack. Lynette convinces Terrence why he doesn't want to take the job (the last time they expanded, to Chicago, the guy who headed the office was the scapegoat when the office failed, then lost his wife, became an alcoholic, and now works at a grocery store) while Tom talks about all of the horrible things about Miami (alligators, heat, hurricanes, Colombian drug lords, humidity, etc.). By the time they all join up, the couple that was so excited to move when they got there are now freaking out at the thought. Lynette proposes a toast to them going to Miami and they look at each other, like, "What the hell are we thinking?"

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