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Double Lives

Hodges'. Angie shows up and Orson's listening to his opera again. He explains it to her, and says this is actually a hopeful part, but he admits that Butterfly's lover never returns to her. And because of his abandonment, she kills herself. Angie's like, "Huh. Avenue Q is great." Orson shuts off his opera and says Bree's not here, since she's generally out these days. He says she has client dinners constantly but never books anyone. Angie tries to blame the economy, but Orson says he thinks Bree's taken a lover. Angie laughs and scoffs at the thought. She says Bree makes her own croutons, and Orson sees her point. But he says he's going away on a golf weekend and wonders if Angie wouldn't mind spying on Bree. Angie tells him he can be paranoid if he wants, but she isn't going to spy. Orson says it's for the best, since he'd probably do something stupid if he found out. He turns back on the suicidal opera, and Angie looks sad.

Community service. Some dust flies up, and Katherine chokes and then cries until Susan tells her toughen up; it's just a little dust. First time I can remember agreeing with Susan. Katherine sits down and cries, and tells Susan she won. Then she gives a sob story about how she realizes it's time to admit defeat. She reels Susan in with her talk of how the man she loved chose Susan, and Susan even comforts her. Then Katherine talks about how she and Mike connected on so many levels: intellectually, emotionally, sexually. She wonders where she'll ever find someone else who will have sex with her five times in one day. Susan's all, "What?" And Katherine can't believe Susan doesn't know that side of Mike. She stops crying and says maybe she didn't lose after all.

Mike and Susan finish up sex in the morning and he tells her to remind him to ask what she wants for breakfast more often. She has a crazy idea that they both call in sick to work and stay in bed all day. He wonders what's gotten into her, since "Even on my birthday, you told me to hurry up because The Bachelor was on." He tells her that her timing's bad because he has to finish the shower of an old man who hasn't had one in three days. She kisses his neck and convinces him to stay. They hop back into bed.

Church. Gaby arrives and gives the priest a check. He says he didn't expect it, and she tells him to do whatever he wants with it. Then she asks about Juanita at school, and he says she's jumping the gun. Gaby says she knows a spot opened up because Molly's moving to Florida, but the priest says Molly's father decided not to move to Florida. Gaby: "What?!" She moans that this can't be. He wonders how Gaby even knew about this, and she says they'll talk in confession. The priest hugs her and tells her to have faith. When they part, he can't find his check, and she's walking away putting it back in her purse.

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