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Double Lives

Mary Alice picks back up on The Coffee Cup sign, saying the coffee shop is a place you can read your morning paper, meet your friends, have a cup of coffee at the end of a long day. The place was known for many things. She pulls out her keys and walks to the front to lock up when the door opens. We don't see who it is, but she smiles and says, "Oh, hey. Did you forget something?" The light is switched off and her smile fades. She asks what whoever is there is doing, and then hands reach out and strangle her. Until she's seemingly dead, then the attacker drops her to the ground. Mary Alice says that after this night, the coffee shop would be known for something far worse. So, are we to think it's Nick, which is very obvious? Or could it be a red herring? And how could they make it anything else at this point without feeling like it's cheating? I guess we'll find out. But we won't know anything else until at least two weeks, when ...

Next episode: Lynette thinks there's no way Carlos will send her to Florida, and then we see a "We'll miss you, Lynette" farewell party at work. Carlos winks. There's a killer on the loose. Obviously. Bree tells the other ladies that a .38 special is a girl's best friend. Gaby admires the pearl handle. Anyone could be a suspect, says the announcer guy, and we see everyone on the show. Then he asks who's the most desperate... of them all. Mike steps on Katherine's flower beds and tells her she's never seen him angry and doesn't know what he's capable of. Susan, watching from inside her house gasps, "Oh my god!" See you in two weeks. Have a happy Thanksgiving and days off and all of that.

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DeAnn, a writer and editor in Portland, Oregon, used to be a barista without realizing what a dangerous line of work it is. You can contact her at

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