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Adam and Katherine head out to Susan's party, leaving Julie and Dylan studying at the kitchen counter. Except they're not so much studying as gossiping about Dylan's "robo-mom." Dylan says that Katherine freaked out and shut down when Dylan asked her about her real dad. Julie suggests snooping around in some old papers, but alas, they're in a locked room. Well, so much for that. "What kind of lock is it?" Julie asks. Yeah, thought so.

Mike answers the door for Bree and Orson, because Susan isn't back from her OB appointment yet. He happens to mention that it's on Perverse Street (heh), and flutters off again. Orson wonders what Susan's doing seeing an OB in such a bad neighborhood, and mentions that two prostitutes were murdered there last year. Oops. Bree swallows her panic and says they should help Mike. That's quickly forgotten, however, when Katherine and Adam show up. "Open this -- now," Bree excitedly whispers to Orson, handing him the wine bottle. Sure, worry about Susan's besmirched cooter later.

Edie and Carlos are also getting ready to head over, and Edie's all done up in a Jackie O getup and hair. You know, just in case they decide to announce their engagement or something. Carlos tells her in no uncertain terms that they're doing no such thing. Edie agrees, but before she follows Carlos out the door she slips a giant ring on her finger. How she's able to hide her hand in her pocket with that huge rock on it, I have no idea.

Gabby and Victor are also walking over, Victor all excited about the news on his Blackberry that the wife of a potential political rival just got picked up for shoplifting. Gabby doesn't share his excitement. "I'm just glad I don't have to worry about you pulling crap like that," he says. "Yeah, you're lucky," Gabby anvils. Hate for her to have anything in her past like statutory rape or something.

Inside the party, Bree and Gabby are wasting no time in grilling Katherine, who's playing it cool and declining to discuss her first marriage. Point to Katherine, and Bree is conciliatory in freshening the new neighbor's drink. Half a point to Bree. Edie swans by, shedding her coat to reveal a flashy strapless number, and faking a slipped contact as a pretext for flashing the rock on her finger. Edie fake-flusters that she promised her fiancée not to say anything. But she's said enough, and Gabby storms off. A late-arriving Susan happily greets Gabby, and then Katherine, and then to Bree, she says, "You! Come with me."

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