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Gabby goes and finds Victor upstairs. He's just quietly wondering how many people know about her affair with an underage boy, how he's going to "spin this," and whether money would keep John quiet. Gabby doesn't think it's a big deal. Victor disagrees. Although it's not a big enough deal for him to actually yell at her or anything.

Dylan and Julie are in the locked room, and only one of them remembers that this used to be Dylan's bedroom. Naturally, it isn't Dylan. Katherine busts them and sends Julie home. Dylan apologizes to her mother. Katherine sweetly smiles that it's okay, but Dylan is grounded from Julie for good.

Orson comes and finds Bree to tell her that there might be a problem with Danielle's pregnancy. The two of them are about to leave to be with her, blowing past a flustered Susan on the way out. Edie's parting shot to Susan is, "I know this night has been a complete disaster, but all in all, it's still your best party ever."

Gabby comes and finds Carlos, kissing him and smacking him and telling him that his reaction to her flirting with Adam compared quite favorably to Victor's upon hearing about the gardener. Looks like their plans for Thursday are back on. And downstairs, Carlos again gets off the phone with his contractor, who says it's only going to be another week or two before Edie can be "taken care of." By the way, that contractor? Is not a hit man, but a CPA. Even scarier.

Victor comes to talk to Carlos about the Gabby/John thing, and boasts that if he had been married to Gabby at the time, John wouldn't be around long. Not that he is any more. "If you have enough money, not that hard to make someone disappear," Victor says. Gabby comes down, and she and Victor leave together, but not without a secret wink to Carlos from Gabby.

Orson and Bree are getting ready to go, but their departure is being slowed by Bree's insistence on unhooking the DVD player to bring along. "It's the only thing she asked for," she says. Then Orson gets a call from Danielle's doctor, and it's good news. Bree collapses into his arms in relief.

Tom and a somehow completely sober Lynette come home to find Stella on the couch, with the kids asleep upstairs. "Great. Did you put Quaaludes in their cocoa?" Tom snarks. Lynette sends him up to check on the kids so she can yell at her mom for drugging her and also steal my "drug mule" joke, which I swear I totally came up with on my own before I got to this part of the episode. Lynette accuses her mom of missing Lynette's childhood by being drugged, and Lynette says she isn't going to do that. Stella won't apologize, but they agree that it won't happen again. Suddenly Stella remembers that Lynette played Yenta in Fiddler on the Roof. "There are some performances so bad, even alcohol can't block them out."

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