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The Game

Bree sits on her front porch, and Susan comes out offering cake and a truce. Susan wonders what's going on between them since Bree got pregnant. Bree takes a long time winding up to come clean, but all she says is that there have been complications with the pregnancy. She fails to mention that one of those "complications" is that the baby is inside a different person. Things seem to be patched up between them, but the scene ends before Bree has to dodge another hug.

Next morning, Adam finds Katherine packing up the storage room, saying that her aunt will stay there when she comes home from the hospital, and she was wrong to make the room so mysterious to Dylan. Adam brings up what Katherine said last night at the party. "You realize what people are going to think," he says. Katherine agrees that it'll make everyone uncomfortable. "And uncomfortable people don't ask questions," Katherine smugs. Adam bows to his wife's superior puppetmaster mojo.

Mary Alice VOs about games, and then we see Katherine alone in the former storage room. Kneeling on the rug, she pulls back a corner, revealing a jagged scar in the wooden floorboard. She puts her finger in it, breaking down in tears. There, there, now -- that can be refinished.

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