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Good Stuff, Maynard

Carlos spills his milk, and instead of crying over it, he calls for help from Ellie. While she wipes up the mess, Carlos tells her how guilty he feels about Gabby having to put up with this. "She's a saint," she says. "Yeah, well..." Ellie says. Carlos senses that something's up. Besides the fact that it's not exactly Gabby who's dealing with this right now.

Cut to Gabby coming home from the grocery store. "Hey, whore!" Carlos greets her, telling Gabby that Ellie told him everything. Gabby is just glad Carlos let her know. She's irritated with Ellie for tattling on her, and when Carlos gets angry about the whole cheating thing, Gabby tells him about the fake affair she made up to hide the bugging. When Carlos voices his doubts, she informs him that she doesn't have much choice but to believe what she tells him, about this and pretty much everything else that ever happens. Okay, it's important to have ground rules in a marriage.

Orson arrives at church (how many times a week do these people go to church, anyway? Being a Presbyterian looks hard, dude) and gets word that Reverend Green is going to be talking about sexual promiscuity and some "red-headed temptress." So Orson goes into the reverend's office while he's putting on his lavalier microphone and tells him to back off. When Green tells Orson to mind his own business, Orson shoves him against the wall, causing the microphone to go live and broadcast their argument to the waiting congregation. Bree's just attempting to make a discreet exit when Orson's voice rings out through the church, saying, "I am not going to let you go out there and declare that Bree Hodge is a slut!" There's a burst of feedback, and when Bree turns around and goes into the office, she finds the Reverend standing over Orson, laid out unconscious on the floor. Wow, I've had some embarrassing experiences in my life, but I can say that at least I've never been knocked out by a clergyman.

Susan addresses the Maynard situation: she decides to go out to the charge nurse to get her to change the name on the birth certificate. But the nurse it not about to do that without Mike's signature, but when that nurse is relieved by another nurse named Griselda, Susan senses a potentially sympathetic party.

Bree stops by the hospital to check on Orson, who's still unconscious, although apparently there wasn't a concussion. After peeking in at her glass-jawed husband, Bree asks the nurse to take extra-good care of him, since he's a good man. And also really fragile, it would seem.

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