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Ellie wants to talk to Gabby, who tries to shut her out as punishiment for snitching on her to Carlos. But Ellie gets through to Gabby by telling her a sob story about how her dad walked out on her and her mom after catching her mom cheating. Gabby is moved by the story. As this happens, a guy in a sports car pulls up to the house, and the cops in the surveillance van outside figure this is Ellie's supplier. One of them calls Gabby to tell her to get out of there before they arrest both Ellie and her supplier. Gabby hangs up, and when she goes to hug Ellie, like this has been an emotional discussion between close friends, she warns Ellie to skip out through the back before the cops come in. Ellie takes off, even as her supplier is cuffed on Gabby's front porch.

We're apparently at Dylan's senior recital. She's happy to see Adam there, and even happier when he alludes to that trip they're going to be taking. Because she is stupid.

Tom visits Kayla in her bedroom and breaks the news that she and Lynette can't live in the same house together any more. Kayla asks where Lynette is going to be living, then, and Tom says that Lynette isn't going anywhere. It's Kayla who's going to have to leave, if only to keep her safe. So Tom gets up to leave the room, and Kayla desperately says she made it all up. So can she stay, then, right? Tom tells her no, so Kayla says she plans to keep lying until she gets her way. Tom picks up the cell phone he left on Kayla's side table and asks, "Did you get all that, Dr. Dolan?" Kayla's busted. So, just to recap: Kayla repeatedly outmaneuvered Lynette, and Tom just outmaneuvered Kayla. I hope Lynette is duly ashamed.

Dylan's string quartet finishes a piece. Adam heads out for intermission, and Wayne shows up, asking him for help with a flat tire, just one proud musical parent to another. Adam doesn't recognize Wayne, and when he goes out to help, he ends up getting Wayne's tire iron upside the back of his head. I resolve to forget how to change a tire immediately.

Susan and Mike are getting ready to leave the hospital. Mike ducks into the bathroom, and a nurse comes in with a wheelchair for Susan with balloons that read "Bon Voyage Conner." Susan tells the nurse to get the balloons out of there, making up a story for her about Mike being terrified of balloons due to having been molested by a clown (which, looking at Susan, is not entirely inaccurate). Susan pops three of the balloons before Mike comes out asking what's going on and why that last balloon says (pop!) -- excuse me, said -- Conner on it. Susan chases the nurse away and comes clean about wanting the kid to have a great name, which Maynard is not. Did she really think that if she just got the kid out of the hospital, this wouldn't come up again? Wouldn't Mike notice that nobody else called the kid Maynard, and wonder who this Conner kid is that everyone would be talking about? Anyway, Mike sits Susan down and says that his grandpa Maynard started the first integrated elementary school in Tennessee, and took Mike in when his dad went to prison. So, hearing that, Susan is on board with Maynard. That was good stuff, after all. Sorry, by the way. That was all me.

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