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Tom and Lynette are sending Kayla off to live with her grandparents, with Tom promising to visit all the time. Lynette tells Kayla she's sorry how it turned out. "No, you're not," Kayla says. "Okay, then," Lynette agrees. Exit Kayla, desperately apologizing to Tom through the back window. He has nothing to say to Lynette after that.

In the wrap-up, Mary Alice goes on about names, as Susan paints "Maynard" on the wall of the baby's nursery while Mike holds the poor, cursed tot. Kayla rides in the backseat of her grandparents' car as Mary Alice asks if saying someone is a child makes her innocent. Ellie is on the street alone as Mary Alice asks whether calling someone a drug dealer means she's evil. "Will a man known as preacher always practice what he preaches?" she asks, as Reverend Green contemplates his Bibles. "Can a man branded a villain possess the qualities of a hero?" she wonders, as Orson sits in his hotel room gazing at a photo of himself and Bree. Mary Alice says that "a name can never really tell you who someone is, or what they're capable of." And with that, Adam, tied to a chair, is rudely awakened with a splash of water in a windowless room as Wayne tells him, "I'm Wayne Davis, and we're about to have some fun." Well, as long as somebody is.

The season's not over yet! To read the second half of tonight's two-parter, click here!

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