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Inside, Edie pulls away from Paul and apologizes. The joke's on her, though, because Paul's into it and Edie's stuck between a door and a hard place.

Mike and Susan argue about whether he's a murderer. Susan argues that he had plenty of opportunities to tell her about his past. The "opportunity" that cracked me up the most is not that he could have told her over jogging or over pizza, but that when they went to a movie and someone got shot, Susan thinks Mike could have said, "Oh, and by the way, I did that once." Susan says that no matter what he says, she will never believe Mike ever again. Mike pulls her in for a kiss to convince her that while his lips might, his tongue doesn't lie. At least, I'm sure that was what he was thinking when he did that. Mike breaks their clinch and says, "At least you can believe that," and walks away. I'm sorry, but if Jesus was betrayed with a kiss, what chance do you think Susan has?

Casa Poo. Carlos and Gabby over who gets the Port-A-Potty.

At KimberBree's, a toilet audibly flushes and Gabby walks out, thanking her hostess: "Seeing your tile has really help me make my decision -- the next time we remodel, I'm using limestone." KimberBree sets aside her teacup and her knitting and asks if everything is okay. Gabby bluffs it until KimberBree points out all the excuses to use everyone's bathrooms, and the laundry in the Jacuzzi. Gabby can't really explain that. KimberBree kindly asks if Gabrielle and Carlos are having money troubles. Gabrielle looks down. KimberBree assures her that it's okay if they are. Gabby doesn't buy it. KimberBree insists that she and Gabrielle are good friends, and wonders why Gabby feels it necessary to hide her troubles from KimberBree. Gabby: "I don't know -- probably for the same reason you didn't tell me Rex was one of Maisy's clients." KimberBree is shocked and says that Gabrielle's situation is obviously different. "Why? Because it happened to you?" Gabrielle wonders, adding, "This is how I see it: good friends support each other after they have been humiliated; great friends pretend nothing happened in the first place." I don't know why those two differentiations have to be mutually exclusive. KimberBree thinks for a moment, and then stands up and says, "Well, then -- good luck on your remodel." "And please tell Rex I said hello," Gabrielle responds as she rises to her feet and leaves.

Oh, the lice storyline. I had forgotten about that. What can I say? I was in a hopeful mood. Lynette drags her kids to the party they were uninvited to, but which is obviously still on, and tells Topher's mom that she knows where the lice originated. She even follows Topher's mom to the bouncy palace in order to force her to acknowledge and make it known that Itchy and Scratchy aren't the Originally Infested ones.

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