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KimberBree visits Gabrielle on her porch and explains that she and Rex have decided they no longer want to be members of Bushwood. She hands over an envelope, saying, "I'd rather see the money go to someone I care about." Gabrielle opens the envelope and her jaw drops. She says she can't accept it. "This is the way I see it: good friends offer to help in a crisis; great friends don't take no for an answer." Gabrielle is gobsmacked and promises that she and Carlos will pay the Van de Kamps back. "Take your time," KimberBree encourages. And the reason why this show isn't on the Hallmark Channel is...?

MAVO is back to say that everyone loves a scandal, no matter how big or small. "After all," MAVO asks, "what could be more entertaining than watching the downfall of the high and mighty?" Here we see a snoopy neighbor watching Carlos use his Port-A-Potty. Didn't KimberBree just give them money to fix all that? "What could be more amusing than the public exposure of hypocritical sinners?" Here we see Rex helping KimberBree into their car. They look like they're dressed for church. A denim-clad couple walking their dog (I'm sure they're liberals, because liberals don't go to church and instead choose to walk their dogs on the day of the Lord) stops to stare pointedly at Rex. As the camera shows Maisy standing like a wallflower in the rec room of her Prison for Housewhores, MAVO says that everyone enjoys a scandal, and that if we aren't enjoying the latest one (now we're with Creepy Paul as he sits on his creepy couch with paper), "well, the next one is always around the corner." Paul finds the videotape in the cushions, stares hard around him, and swigs from his highball. Drinking on a Sunday? He's definitely a murderer. Wait, I'm not sure what that says about me?

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