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The Little Things You Do Together (2)

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The Little Things You Do Together (2)
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Previously: Orson didn't think suicide is all that funny, Susan and Bree's friendship is on the rocks, and then there was all that falling down that we saw last week (Bree falling off that idiotic ladder and Orson falling off the rooftop parking garage at the hospital).

The show picks up right exactly where it left off: Orson is still slooowwwwwlly falling, falling, falling. Through MAVO-powered insight, we learn that passing in front of his eyes during what are almost surely his last few milliseconds on earth are scenes from the night he arrived at Monique's house, champagne and roses in hand, all ready to celebrate some fantastic news -- Alma leaving him, maybe? Possibly? The muddled Fairview timeline being what it is, it really could be almost anything. Only Monique's in no mood to celebrate, what with her head all bashed in. Crazy Mama Hodge, it seems, has gone and killed Monique in an act of "self-defense." Orson murmurs something about how much he loved Monique (which is kind of surprising seeing as how generally underwhelmed he seems about her death here), and then he makes a half-hearted attempt to call the police. Gloria, with the glaring menace that can only mean "important plot point," reminds Orson that she, too, once lost someone she held dear, all thanks to Orson, and now he owes her big time. Dun dun dun, etc. Orson agrees to help Gloria to get rid of the body.

But then Mike arrives with that spare part for Monique's sink, and this time around, when the yellow-rubber-gloved Orson pops up from behind the counter (the same shot we saw in Mike's hypnotic flashbacks), we see that Monique's dead body is lying right next to him, in a big pool of blood; Orson handily drops a towel over it to stop it oozing into Mike's sightlines. As Mike turns to go, Orson stops him and hands him back his wrench -- i.e. the murder weapon -- and Mike gets a nice good, fingerprint-leaving grip on it.

Down at the golf course, Orson digs Monique's grave, which is admirably deep; now we know how Orson keeps so trim (digging graves is incredibly aerobic). Meanwhile, Gloria is struggling to yank Monique's teeth out with a pair of pliers. She pays Orson a sick compliment about how she now finally appreciates the difficulty of Orson's job, and Orson suddenly gets all enraged over Gloria mangling Monique's mouth. Why Orson, I didn't know you cared! No, seriously, this is the first real indication of any emotional investment in the death of Monique that Orson has displayed in these scenes. Orson and Gloria tussle, and Gloria falls into the grave, breaking her hip. And another key to the Season 3 puzzle slides into place: now we know why Gloria walks around with that gangster cane. The origins of her inexplicable Phyllis Diller wig, however, still remain a mystery.

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