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The Little Things You Do Together (2)

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The Little Things You Do Together (2)

...Susan tentatively peeking her head into Bree's room. Bree looks very happy to see her. Susan, moved by the near-death severity of Bree's accident, rushes to apologize for her multiple-episode scheme-fest to get Orson blamed for Monique's murder, but Bree interrupts to tell her that Mike is actually, totally innocent, and Bree plans to tell the police the whole story. Friends? Friends!

Meanwhile, Ian gets Jane's stuff from the nurse, only there's been some kind of mistake: these are Coma Mike's things. Another incredible Fairview mix-up? What are the odds? Sigh. The reason for this particular Desperate coincidence is that it allows Ian to find the engagement ring Mike intended to give Susan the night he got knocked into a coma. Ian's British brow furrows in consternation. Or maybe he's just yearning for a Marmite sandwich; British people do that sometimes. Susan bumbles up, and in her rush to tell Ian that Bree is in possession of info that will set Mike free, she knocks the ring box out of Ian's hands. Susan absently picks it up and hands it back to him before racing off to buy Bree flowers. Huh, the Susan I know would have been on that ring box like white on a wedding dress, especially since Ian already brought up marriage just last week, but okay.

Commercials. Hey everybody, get ready to roll out the red carpet for Oscar next week! And then tune in as Barbara gets with Ellen, Jennifer, Helen, and Eddie. (Marco: "My God, when did Eddie Murphy stop being funny, exactly?" Evany: "I don't know...when did Beverly Hills Cop II come out?")

The plug for Barbara Walters's (very special) Special drops us off at the Bachelor Bungalow. Carlos is just getting off the phone with the hospital after confirming that Orson is going to live. Mike is worried about what Orson's going to say about him once he wakes up; in theory, Mike's fisticuff session with Orson could get him "charged for attempted murder." The camera pans over to the open front door to reveal Susan standing there, looking very much like she just overheard that "attempted murder" part. And the "Dude, Make Way for Another Hysterical Misunderstanding" piano tinkles.

Down at the Scavoria, Lynette, looking harried, is on the phone with Andrew, begging him to take a break from his vigil over Bree and come down and help with the opening later that night. Andrew agrees, and Lynette races off to sign for the chair delivery. Hold on, did someone order fifty highchairs? Yeah. And that someone would be Lynette. Turns out she got some numbers transposed in her original order. Lynette snaps at the delivery guy for not being more suspicious of an order for fifty highchairs, and he semi-hilariously tells her that he just thought they were opening a baby-themed restaurant, "with the games and the animatronic rats." Actually, that idea's not half bad. After all, movie theaters host baby nights; why not a restaurant dedicated to screaming, food-throwing infants? That, or the Scavos could go after the adult baby fetish market. ["Either way, it would be nice to know there was one eatery in town you should definitely avoid, right?" -- Wing Chun]

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