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The Little Things You Do Together (2)

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The Little Things You Do Together (2)

Across the room, Gabby confronts Zana about lying to her about their sexing, and eventually he confesses, claiming that he just wanted her to see him as a "man, not a boy." Gabby: "A real man is honest. All you've tried to do is bribe and trick me into falling in love with you. A little advice next time? Don't play games." Next time? What next time? Oh Gabby, you really left the door open on that one.

In another corner of the restaurant, Edie ting-a-lings her glass and launches into a toast -- they had to shoehorn some lines for her somehow, I guess. She is, of course, wearing a very strange outfit: a black satin vest layered over a plunging button-up corset-thing, which reveals the full shine of both her moons. She gives a little speech, and then Tom takes over and gives a tearful little toast -- with "Sad, Whipped Clown" music under -- about how he owes it all to Lynette. He gets so choked up that "Pants In The Family" Lynette has to take over and finish up the toast. Tom and Lynette hug cutely.

Next, Ian picks up the public-speech baton and gets down on bended knee. Julie immediately figures out where this is going and orders Susan to drop her slice of pizza. Ha! Ian proposes, and Susan -- after pausing briefly to swallow the pizza in her mouth -- says yes. It's a cute little scene, and I'd be happy for them if Ian hadn't clearly rushed into the proposal out of fear that Mike was going to get his ring back and remember all about his love for Susan. That, and the whole problem of Ian and Susan's complete lack of chemistry -- I mean, he's been around for fifteen episodes now and I still regularly forget his name? That is not a great sign.

The Little Black Cloud that is Zana takes in this heartwarming scene of proposals and marriages on the mend and decides that now this is his "next time" with Gabby. He leaps up on his chair and proposes to Gabby. After an awkward pause, there's a smattering of applause, which Gabby silences by shouting, "There will be no clapping!" And then to Zana: "You. Moron. Come with me!" They head outside.

Down at the hospital, a nurse gives Cat Scratch Orson a pill --a sedative, I presume; that does seem to be the theme of the episode. Then she tells him that Bree got sent home earlier, and also that Gloria called while Orson was asleep to make sure that he was staying the night at the hospital, a confluence of news that galvanizes Orson into a state of red alert. He calls home but only gets the machine. With his panicked voice leaving a message in the background, we watch as Gloria pulls a big, fat knife out of a drawer in the kitchen, which cliffhangs us straight into commercial.

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