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Lying Liars Who Lie
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Previously: Creepy Dave told Edie he had been married before. He invited Katherine and Mike on a camping/murder trip. Lynette wanted to go back to work. Carlos got fired after he and Gaby took a stand against his boss' cheating. But then the cheated-on wife killed the boss. Yikes! (Oh, and thanks to LTG for the awesome weecap, but y'all are stuck with me again. Or, rather, I'm stuck with this show.)

Carlos and Gaby are going to the funeral. Mary Alice tells us why Gaby hates going to funerals: Black isn't her color. Crying depresses her. And lilies make her sneeze. And she despises any event where she's not the center of attention. At Brad's funeral, this isn't a problem, though. As she's looking at Brad's closed casket, a lady named Jody asks Gaby for all the gory details, since they all heard Gaby was there when he was killed. Gaby doesn't think this is the time, so Jody says she'll see her at the wake. Gaby storms off and tells Carlos she'd like to leave now, please. He tells her this is a funeral and they need to put on a good face for his co-workers. She reminds him he was fired, but he says they don't know yet if Brad told anyone about the firing before Maria killed him. Just then, the company's CEO comes up and Carlos introduces him. The CEO knows this is an awkward time, but he needs to talk to Carlos. Brad had called him right before he died to discuss Carlos's job performance. He left a message, but the CEO knows what that means, what with the huge bonus Brad gave Carlos so recently: He wanted to promote him. The irony: The job Carlos will be bumped into is Brad's. Carlos is being promoted to president of the company. CEO can't think of anyone better suited. Gaby accepts the job for him, and then Carlos says he's honored. CEO leaves and Gaby is elated that Brad's compensation package that will now be all theirs. They're rich again. Carlos tells her they're at a funeral, so please stop smiling. Mary Alice continues that Gaby hates funerals, mostly because she can't pretend to be sad when she's not. Her huge smile gives that away.

After the opening, Mary Alice tells us that we can find people with agendas on any sidewalk in any city. She goes through a bunch of people we don't know: a woman who wants to borrow money from a friend, a guy taking his boss to lunch to get a corner office, a girl looking after her uncle so she will end up in the will. Mary Alice says you can find these people with agendas almost anywhere, and they're always trying to keep said agendas hidden. We focus on Edie, who's walking into a newspaper called "Mount Pleasant Gazette." She approaches the old guy at the counter and tells him she needs to look someone up in their archives. She pretends it's a smooth-talking client. She says his name is David Dash. The guy says all he has are the obituaries, and he pulls out a fat three-ring binder. Um, hello, Mount Pleasant Gazette? 1950 called. It wants its archiving system back. I work at a newspaper, and have worked at several others and I can tell you that no newspaper keeps a three-ring binder of its obituary archives. That's just craziness, even for an old guy in a plaid shirt and sweater. He also tells her that anything beyond this magical three-ring binder of obits would take him a couple of days. Or, you know, a couple minutes searching computerized archives for the word "Dash." Sheesh.

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