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Lying Liars Who Lie

Next Sunday, Edie tells someone (presumably Creepy Dave) that she always wondered why he was so determined to live on Wisteria Lane. She's drinking wine and sitting on the floor, so you know it's bad. In a cabin, Katherine asks Creepy Dave what his secret is. Announcer guy tells us that revenge has found a home in the neighborhood. Susan turns around and asks someone what they're doing there. Announcer guy continues that it won't rest. Bree asks someone why they'd want to hurt her. That has to be Orson. Announcer guy continues: until a housewife is dead. Gaby says she's scared. Edie says it's insane. Creepy Dave is running through the woods with a gun, then pointing it at something. Announcer guy tells us how shocking the episode is. Susan looks shocked. Lynette looks slightly surprised. Edie looks like she's on the ground in shock. Katherine's moving quickly in the forest. Bree turns around with an unhappy look on her face. We hear a gunshot. See you next week. Totally fun and frothy, right?

Discuss this episode in our forums, then see how we think Creepy Dave is gonna get revenge on Mike.

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