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Lying Liars Who Lie

Edie's sitting in a weirdly provocative position on a chair, wrapped in a bath robe that's slung low on her shoulders, as Creepy Dave packs some more for his trip. She asks if Creepy Dave's ever wanted kids, and he asks if this is her coy way of saying she wants one. She says maybe, since she never gets to see Travers now that he's off at prep school, and she'd kind of like a girl. Wouldn't he like a girl, with blonde curls. Creepy Dave gets slow and thoughtful and then gets choked up and teary as he tells Edie he had this friend who had a little girl, who was his whole life. Unfortunately, she died in an accident, and a part of Creepy Dave's friend died too. He spent his life after that in a daze, always wondering how old she would have been and what she would have looked like. So, no, he doesn't think he'd want a child; it's just not worth it. He looks at Edie, whose head is down and she is possibly teary, if that's possible. He asks if he's okay and she says she's just sad for his friend.

Bree and Orson are in a therapist's office. She's telling the therapist she had hoped they could solve this privately, but that Orson is unable -- or unwilling -- to control himself. The therapist asks Orson if that's true. Bree answers for him that the therapist will see when Orson takes the lamp. The therapist asks if they'd like couples counseling. Orson starts to say yes, I think, but Bree says this isn't her problem; Orson's the sick one, so fix him. She leaves. Bree asks the therapist if he knows why Bree's so angry. He says this is something she can't control. And Orson loves it. Uh-oh. Do we have another creepy guy on our hands?

Creepy Dave tells Edie she can reach him on his cell if it's an emergency. She tells him to be careful out there, because she doesn't know what she'd do without him. They hug, and it's so sincere on her part. Poor Edie. At the newspaper office, a young kid finds the article Edie was looking for and wonders if he should fax it. The guy says to take his time since she's a pain in the ass. He tells him to wait until tomorrow. The camera shows us a picture of Mike with a headline that says, "Fairview man won't be charged in accident that killed two."

Mary Alice tells us we can find friendly people with hidden agendas almost anywhere: the woman who uses her neighbor to get a job (Lynette, in a suit, heading to work); the wife who uses her influence to hire a friendly spy (Gaby watches Carlos and Lucy leave for work together; apparently they carpool); the husband who uses his charm to steal from his friends (Orson picks up a newspaper). And you can be sure the friendliest people of all have agendas that won't be discovered until it's too late. Creepy Dave gets in a truck with Mike and Katherine as they drive off.

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