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The Sun Won't Set

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The Sun Won't Set

Susan follows Morty out to his car, asking him if he's seen Sophie, and he tells her he thinks Sophie took a cab home: "You need a ride?" Susan: "I need you to tell me the truth about my father." Morty invites Susan to hop into the car, and he starts telling her this creepy and also endless story about how, when he was in Korea, he used to go to this bar on what was called "'R and R' in military lingo." Susan: "Yeah, I know what R&R means, what does this have to do with my father?" Morty starts talking about "professional ladies," and how he never figured that his first time with a woman would be "in an alley behind a Korean noodle stand with my fatigues down around my ankles." Ew? Susan tries to get Morty back on track, and after more babbling that "we've all done things that we're ashamed of," etc., he finally tells Susan that her father "wasn't a war hero." Also, Sophie wasn't ever married to Susan's father.: "I'm not sure she even knew is name." Susan: "Are you saying I'm the result of my mother having a one-night stand?" Morty reminds Susan again that we've all done things we're not proud of, and Susan ends the scene with her patented gasp of confusion. Bob Newhart's timing (as Morty) is, of course, awesome throughout this whole exchange with Susan, but I can't help wishing he'd been given better, and slightly less cringe-y material to work with, because as it stands, the Newhart Stammer is carrying way too much of the weight here.

Meanwhile, over at the Pharmacy of Lies and Manipulation, Bree confronts George about her "disturbing visit" with the famous Ms. Leila Mitzman. George looks stricken at the mention of his ex's name, and immediately starts dancing to fill in the backstory, saying Leila is a "renowned liar." Bree tells him that's what she thought...initially. But after doing some thinking, she realized that Leila had no real motivation to warn Bree. Yes! Exactly. That's my girl, Bree: thinking! George: "She's obsessed with me. She still wants me. Wasn't it obvious?" Bree confesses that Leila's secret love for George wasn't really all that obvious. George says that Leila is clinically insane, and that he can prove it. He marches over to his computer and, after doing some creative typing, prints up Leila's prescription records. It's a long list of multi-syllabic meds, which George translates for Bree: One is an anti-depressant for mood swings, one is an anti-psychotic to control hallucinations, etc. George: "Like I said, she's a very troubled lady." Bree laughs uncertainly and asks him why, then, did he date her at all? George: "In the beginning, you're blind to the flaws. Right?" And Bree gives him this look, like she might just be noticing George's flaws for the first time. Finally, finally, FINALLY! Bree, quietly, meaningfully: "That's the beginning." George asks if he and Bree are now "good," and Bree smiles and confirms that they are indeed good. But then, as she walks away, we see the stricken look on her face. And then when she walks behind the sunglass racks and is out of George's line of sight, she pulls off the engagement ring and puts it in his purse. Meanwhile, George returns to his computer, and on the medication record he just printed out for Bree, he erases "Leila Mitzman" and types in the right name for all those alarming prescriptions: "Ethel Hollings." Sneaky! (Also: how awesome would it be if Ethel turns out to play some nefarious role in a future episode?)

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