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The Sun Won't Set

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The Sun Won't Set

Right in the middle of this tense moment, a man (wearing brown pleat-front pants and a lumpy jacket) walks up behind Bree and says, "Excuse me, ma'am? We don't allow members of Zeta Beta Kappa in here." Bree puts down her drink in surprise and then jumps up and hugs the man. She looks very excited to see him, and all traces of "tired" seem to have vanished as she asks him what he's doing in town. He says he's there to visit his parents. Bree introduces the man to George as "Ty Grant" and explains that he and Bree used to date in college (in fact they were engaged, though Bree doesn't mention that to George). And then Bree introduces George to Ty as her "good friend." George clarifies that, actually, he and Bree are engaged. Bree shoots George a look of shocked rage. Ty misses the look and is saying something about how Bree looks fantastic (and she does) and how she hasn't aged a bit when Bree interrupts him and asks him if he'd like to dance. Ty would love to dance! He takes off his coat and Bree puts it on the back of her chair, and the two of them hit the dance floor.

Dancing with Ty, Bree shoots George a flirty look that's clearly punishment for his telling Ty about their engagement. A look of grim determination creeps onto George's face and he reaches into Bree's purse, pulls out her ring, and heads out onto the dance floor. He tries to cut in on Bree and Ty's dance, and Bree tells George he's being rude and asks him to go sit down. Looking uncomfortable, Ty asks if he's in the "middle of something," but George ignores him and tells Bree to put on the ring. Bree says no, so George forcefully grabs her hand and tries to cram the ring on her finger. Bree insists in a sort of panic that she doesn't want to wear the ring, and George yells, "We are engaged! You have to wear it!" And you know how sometimes George feels like a nut, and sometimes he doesn't? Well, he is all nut now. A scary, scary nut. Ty tries to get George to "knock it off," but George pushes him into a waiter, who drops a tray full of glasses, and the ring goes sprawling. By now, all eyes are on them, and you know how much Bree loves scenes! George gets down on his hands and knees to pick up the ring, and then, still on his knees, he turns to Bree. The rage of .00003 seconds ago is gone, and in its place is George's familiar look of puppy-dog kindness. George, like a lost, little boy, tries to explain: "Sorry...I just...we're engaged." Huh, maybe George really does have a split-personality disorder? Bree, breathing deeply: "See...the thing is. I don't think we are [engaged] anymore." Panicked, George gets to his feet and tries to plead with Bree, but she tells him to leave, and Ty steps in to back her up. Defeated, George turns and heads back to the table. He puts the ring down on top of Bree's purse, and then fans down some bills to cover their tab. But then he spies a claim ticket poking out the top of Ty's jacket pocket, and he reaches over and grabs it, and grabs Bree's ring again. Oh my god, TOTAL split personality! Friendly George wants to just pay the bill and get out of there, but then Loony George steps in and is all ready to rumble!

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