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The Sun Won't Set

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The Sun Won't Set

Outside, Loony George hands Ty's ticket to the valet, and the kid points out a fancy Porsche parked just feet away, saying that the "management" likes them to keep the "nice cars out front." Loony George gets in and, with a look of calm self-satisfaction, he lays down some serious scratch.

Gabby and her new Gidget hair come home to find Excon Valdez sitting on her veranda and cutting an apple with his ominous, ominous knife. Excon says her new hair looks nice. Gabby: "I also got a facial, and later on I'm going to get a pedicure and an eyebrow wax. So there!" Excon: "That's fine with me." But it's not fine with Gabby, because she knows what he's really thinking. Gabby tells him that she's getting tired of being judged by him, so she pulls out her checkbook and cuts him a check for a thousand dollars: "I won't tell Carlos you didn't stick around. It'll be our little secret." Excon's eyebrows shoot up at the generous size of the check, but he tells her that since he just got out of prison, he doesn't have a bank account: "Can we go to your bank and cash it?" Gabby agrees to the plan, and for some inexplicable reason they decide not to drive Gabby's fine, fine ride but take his beater instead. Excon's beater, Gabby soon notices, is missing the "window thingie," not to mention the door-release handle. Just as she makes this disturbing discovery, Excon rape-locks all the doors and says that he has a confession to make: Carlos didn't really send him to protect her!

Gabby and Excon pull up at a park. Excon makes a sinister observation about how the park is totally deserted, and Gabby look suitably panicked by this news. Excon gets out of the car and then comes around and lets Gabby out. He tells her to go pick out a "good spot" while he gets "something out of the trunk." Excon goes back to the trunk and we see him pick...up...a...SHOVEL! And then, PSYCH! He puts it down. Gabby inches away from the car, and then kicks off her shoes and makes a run for it. Excon yells, "Hey, where you going?" She looks back over her shoulder and sees him standing next to his open trunk, a bobbing red balloon in one hand. Now that's comedy! Gabby: "You're not going to kill me?" Excon, looking puzzled: "I hadn't planned on it. Besides, if I was going to kill you, I wouldn't use a would take too long." Comedy! So it turns out there's been a mix-up: yes, Excon lied about why he was there, and yes, he took her on a ride in his scary trapmobile, but he doesn't want to rape or pillage her at all. How insane that Gabby, and the entire viewing audience, would think such a thing! In truth, he's there at Carlos's behest to help Gabby to "grieve." Gabby is not amused. Excon explains that he "knows a little something about loss: It can take you to some real dark places," such as an "eight-by-ten prison cell." Then he hands her the balloon that, he tells her, "represents the spirit of a life lost." All Gabby has to do to acknowledge and release her pain is let the balloon go. Gabby tells him she thinks the plan is ridiculous, and that she isn't feeling the emotions he thinks she's feeling. Excon: "Then it should be real easy." Gabby gives in, and agrees to do the balloon thing if Excon promises to leave her alone. Gabby takes the balloon and, surprise, she finds she has some trouble letting it go. The "awww" music swells (and it evokes, somewhat sickeningly, the sound of a child's music box), and Gabby's brow furrows: "This is stupid! I didn't even want this baby. And I would have been a terrible mother." Excon: "If you say so." Excon Valdez? I think I love you. Gabby: "If it was a boy, I was going to name it Charlie. And a girl: Aurora." Excon smiles and tells Gabby that those are "nice names." Gabby takes a deep breath, and then she lets some sad out, and then she turns and thanks Excon and lets go of the balloon (i.e., the soul of her unborn baby, GET IT?).

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