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The Sun Won't Set

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The Sun Won't Set

And again with the short-short credits. Which doesn't really bother me, though I do have one short-short gripe: I think they're trying to give the impression that the episode is just so cram-packed with action that there's no time to play the credits in full, but you'll notice that there's still time for endless commercials, especially toward the end of the episode.

MAVO: "Once they've suffered a miscarriage, some women sit in the dark for hours." We see Gabby sitting in her room with the shades drawn. MAVO: "They refuse to go out in the light of day, afraid to face the possibility that life will go on." Gabby walks over to her window and peeks out into the sunshine. MAVO: "They hold on to reminders of their unborn child and dream of what might have been." Gabby walks over to her bed, which is covered in baby clothes. MAVO: "Yes, this is how some women react when they've suffered such a loss..." Gabby stuffs all the baby things into a shopping bag. "Gabrielle Solis was not one of those women."

Cut to Gabby walking out to her car wearing a strapless tank and that awesome leather space mini. Susan, Bree, and Lynette walk up (what, no Edie?), and Gabby rather guiltily thanks them all for their messages, saying that she's been too busy to call anyone back. Susan tells Gabby that they've all cleared their schedules for the day, thinking Gabby might want some company. Bree pipes up that she's made some banana bread, so everyone can come on over to her place, and she'll "put on a fresh pot" and they can have themselves a really, really long chat. Gabby thinks that sounds lovely, except that she's "booked solid." She asks if she can take a "rain check," and the ladies look puzzled but agree. Bree says she'll call Gabby tonight to reschedule, and Gabby suggests that maybe, since her busy-ness is the main stumbling block to their getting together, she'll call them just as soon as some time frees up (the old "don't call us..." excuse). The ladies look even more puzzled, so Gabby does some tap-dancing about how she has so much stuff to return, and she points to her shopping bag full of baby things. Bree: "Oh, honey! There's no reason why you and Carlos can't try again." Susan: "You'd be an amazing mother." Lynette: "You should hold on to that stuff for a while." Gabby, clearly champing at the bit to exit stage right, even, says something about the baby store's "strict thirty-day return policy," and then she hops in her car and drives off, and the ladies exchange worried glances. So I guess Gabby lost the baby? And she's recovered completely from her tumble down the stairs? We're not going to see her in the hospital or anything? Huh. Way to squander some of the emotional momentum from the last episode's emotional finale! Also: where oh where is Edie? Way to squander the nice group-lady dynamic that was really beginning to percolate last week.

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