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The Sun Won't Set

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The Sun Won't Set

Cut to Bree slapping the paper (with the cut-out hole taped back into place) down on George's counter at the pharmacy. Bree snippily demands that he tell her how the announcement got in the paper, especially since they agreed to take things slowly. George stutters that he was going to cancel the announcement, but that it slipped his mind as he's been so busy as of late (yeah, busy tossing Dr. Goldfine from an overpass). Bree, regarding the impropriety of the announcement: "Rex has only been dead seven weeks!" George, with psychopathic blandness: "So?" Bree: "So? I don't want everyone in this town talking about me behind my back!" Now she worries about this? George apologizes sheepishly, and then asks, "Isn't the damage done?" Bree: "Well, fortunately people only read the announcements when there's nothing in the front page, and the headline today was about some catastrophic flood in Sri Lanka." Which is pretty flimsy comfort -- the Bree of yore would have been intensely rattled if even one person had seen the announcement. Bree tells George very firmly that, when the time comes to go public, she needs him to talk to her first: "I'm the bride; after all it's only appropriate." George smiles and agrees, and Bree turns to leave. George, with creepy sternness: "I will need you to wear that ring, though." Bree turns back around, looking highly busted, and says that the ring is in her purse. George asks her to please put it on. Bree: "But if people see it..." George: "They'll assume that you're wearing your wedding ring." Bree agrees that while that might be, why risk it? George: "Because! A ring tells would-be suitors that you're spoken for. A naked hand invites unwanted attention." "Naked hand"? "Would-be suitors"? Has George been reading some kind of book about Victorian etiquette? Bree takes the ring out of her purse, and George insists on being the one to slide it on, and as he does so, you can see Bree is kind of freaked out by him. Phew! Finally, Bree is waking up! Just then, another customer arrives at the counter, and George switches into professional mode: "Will that be all, Mrs. Van de Kamp?" Bree: "Ah yes, I think so Mr. Williams." Bree turns and walks smartly away, and George pointedly watches her go. Yuck. How did Bree ever manage to have sexual relations with someone so 110% heinous? He's like the bottom of the "who would you rather sleep with" barrel! Seriously, I'd rather sleep with Carrot Top than George Williams.

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